student books

One of the most important tools for teaching children

Student books are one of the most important tools for you to have in your classroom to teach and train the children in your church or school! 

Truth78 encourages teachers to center their class on two main elements—teaching and application.

Student books aid teachers and small group leaders with the application time. The purpose for student books is to:

  1. Help students synthesize the information they learn during the lesson and cement that knowledge in their minds.
  2. Enhance the application process. Students are encouraged to move from head knowledge to heart application—responding to the truths learned.

Student Coloring Book (Preschool)

The preschool coloring books walk children chronologically through the Bible. Each page includes the lesson title and a scene from the Bible story to color to reinforce what the children have learned.

Student Workbooks

(Kindergarten - 4th Grade)
Student Workbooks have been designed for use during application time to help students learn and apply truths taught during the lesson. Each lesson includes the main ideas and Scripture taught in the lesson for review, a memory verse for students to learn, and an activity to help students remember the lesson

Student Notebook (5th-6th Grade)

The Student Notebook has been designed to help students learn how to take basic notes during the lesson time. Activities to complete during the small group time help students apply truths taught.

Student Journal (Youth)

Student journals are designed to be used by students and small group leaders in class during the lesson and small group application times as well as at home with parents during the week. Activities encourage reflection and application of God’s Word.

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