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Will your children embrace Christ as their greatest treasure or seek treasure where it can’t be found?

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Get inspiration and practical help at each age and stage

  • A picture of two books exploring the old and new testament stories for children to grow in their knowledge and excitement for the Bible.

    More Than a Story

    More Than a Story is a new kind of Bible resource for children — taking them on a chronological journey through the Bible with a God-centered, gospel-focused, discipleship-oriented, theologically grounded perspective.

  • Making HIM Known

    The Making HIM Known series was written to give parents an opportunity to present solid truth to their children, and to encourage real-life application of the truth.


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Encourage children to know and love God’s Word

Teach the next generation to read and study the Bible, pray for understanding and a right heart, and apply what they learn to their daily lives.


Help children engage in the worship service

As children observe and join believers in worship, they learn to concentrate on God and see His greatness. Each church notebook or journal can help children to participate in the service.


Memorize Scripture as a family to fight the fight of faith

The Fighter Verses program encourages churches, families, and individuals in the lifelong practice and love of Bible memory. The five-year program features weekly verses essential to fighting the fight of faith.


Partner with your church

Make more of Sunday in partnership with your church. Deepen the connection between learning and worship at church and home. Explore seven ways to partner with your church.

  • The Fighter Verses App provides on-the-go encouragement, additional Bible translations, multiple languages, quizzes, songs, and more to help you memorize Scripture.

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  • A Father’s Blessing App encourages parents to establish a routine of pronouncing biblical blessings over their children.

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  • The Growing in Faith Together App helps parents talk to their children about spiritual truths in daily life, encouraging them to grow in spiritual understanding and faith.

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Integrate Truth78 into your homeschool curriculum

Materials and training resources specifically designed to provide practical means and content for discipling your children.

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