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Your Word is Truth

Your Word is Truth

A Study for Youth on Seeing All of Life Through the Truth of Scripture

Lessons: 40

Target Grade: Grade 8

Grade Range: Grade 7 - Grade 12

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Youth develop a biblical worldview as they interpret life through the lens of Scripture through this Sunday School curriculum.

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What You Need to Start

  • 1 Teacher's Kit (plus 1 Leader's Edition for each additional teacher)
  • 1 Journal for each student

Additional Helps (printable from the kit)

  • 1 Color Resource Packet

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Your Word Is Truth is a 40-week Sunday School curriculum for youth on seeing all of life through the Truth of Scripture.

The goal of this study is that, through the work of the Holy Spirit, the authoritative Truth of the Bible might be understood and embraced so students may see and interpret all of life through the Truth of Scripture.

Our hope is that students would not be conformed to the thinking of this world, but be transformed by the renewal of their minds, that by testing they might discern what is good and acceptable (Romans 12:2). Finally, as the students grow in their own love and delight of the Truth, we want to encourage and equip them to stand firm in an increasingly hostile culture, boldly and humbly proclaiming the triumphant Truth of the gospel.

Lesson presentations incorporate PowerPoint® shows, videos, and student journals to help teachers present the lessons and engage youth in the topics discussed during class time.

Scripture quotations are from the ESV® Bible.


Your Word is Truth: Teacher's Kit

Order 1 for each class.

Print Teacher’s Kit includes:

  • One spiral-bound Leader’s Edition with the introduction, lessons, and appendix
  • A link for the curriculum resources which include full-color teaching aids that correspond to the lessons, electronic resources that correspond to the lessons: PowerPoint® and Flash® shows for electronic display of teaching aids and visuals; printable PDFs of full-color visuals (for use in classrooms that aren’t equipped for electronic display), classroom handouts, parent memos, take-home articles for students, articles for teachers and small group leaders, and video clips for use during lessons in formats that work with both QuickTime® and Windows Media Player® on a computer for electronic display.
  • One spiral-bound Student Journal

Your Word is Truth: Additional Leader's Edition

Order 1 Leader’s Edition for each additional co-teacher or small group leader.

Leader’s Editions are essential for each small group leader and additional teacher. They include the complete curriculum introduction, lesson content, and appendix found in the corresponding Teacher’s Kit, but not the additional teaching aids.

Each spiral-bound Leader's Edition is designed to equip a co-teacher or small group leader with lessons to study and pray through as they prepare to minister to youth. The lessons include small group discussion about biblical content and application questions to help guide youth to understand the key themes of the lesson, and to make personal application.


Your Word is Truth: Visuals Packet

Order 1 for each class. (Optional)

Teaching aids and visuals are professionally printed on cardstock in full color. (131 pages)

Electronic files (PDFs) of these same visuals are included in the Curriculum Resources in the Teacher's Kit for printing or display with a media projector. These resources and others are not included in Printed Color Resource Packet. This product is only necessary for those not using a projector and computer to display the visuals electronically in their classroom, and who prefer to have these visuals pre-printed rather than printing the files themselves directly from the resouces in the Teacher’s Kit.


Your Word is Truth: Student Journal

Order 1 for each student.

This spiral bound journal is designed to be used by students and small group leaders both in class and at home. Activities encourage reflection and application of God’s Word. The journal contains information for the students to interact with during the teaching and small group times as well as at home with parents.

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