Deep and engaging curriculum for children and youth

Robust discipleship to help children set their hope in God

Are you burdened for the faith of the children in your church and family?

Are you concerned about:​

  • Children who know a lot about the Bible but have hearts far from Christ?
  • Children not being able to withstand the trials and temptations of the world around them?
  • Children growing into adulthood and walking away from the church?

Provide comprehensive discipleship for the joy of the next generation

  • Teach children the breadth and depth of the Bible
  • Present the glorious riches and serious cost of the gospel
  • Promote serious joy in the classroom
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Our nursery through high school curricula teaches the whole counsel of God and can be purchased in print, through yearly digital access, or through the Truth78+ subscription.

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  • "Seeing how comprehensive Truth78 is, I realized there were a lot of gaps in what we were teaching children. After changing to Truth78 curriculum, we immediately noticed a change. Children began bringing their Bibles to church and memorizing scripture. They were becoming biblically literate! Truth78 is not just a curriculum, it is a comprehensive discipleship roadmap for birth through high school."

    The Church at Bergen, Bergen, NJ

  • “Little did I know that what God was doing was equipping me, teaching me and revealing His counsel to me so that firstly, I would know Him more and love Him more. Because what he wants is that out of a heart of love for Him, we would pass His testimonies to the next generation…”

    Immanuel Baptist Church, Louisville, KY

  • "I grew up on this curriculum. Getting to learn the distinct attributes of God was really helpful for me as was learning His names. Being able to lean on the promises of God, the names of God, and being able to see who God is, is key in understanding. I can trust that God is faithful. I can trust that He is good even if I don't understand everything right now."

    Duluth, MN

Give the next generation an unshakable hope.

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