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by Sally Michael

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Are you burdened for the faith of the children in your home and church?

Are you concerned about:​

  • Children who know a lot about the Bible but have hearts far from Christ?
  • Children not being able to withstand the trials and temptations of the world around them?
  • Children growing into adulthood and walking away from the church?

Give the next generation an unshakable hope.

Grow in the commitments of comprehensive discipleship

  • Embrace a biblical vision for the faith of the next generations
  • Foster a robust partnership between church and home
  • Teach the breadth and depth of the whole counsel of God
  • Proclaim the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Disciple the mind, the heart, and the will
  • Pray with dependence on God's sovereign grace
  • Inspire worship of God, for the glory of God