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Deep discipleship thrives with a deep knowledge of God’s Word

Cultivate disciple-making with robust curricula delivered through engaged teaching in the classroom and intentional study of the Bible.

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What's included in each library?



  • 12-month curricula for nursery - 6th grade
  • Verse posters, coloring pages, and parent pages for nursery & preschool
  • Workbooks, visuals, verse cards, parent pages, and more for elementary



  • 4 grades of year-round curricula
  • Journals, visuals, and other teaching materials
  • Parent memos



  • Curricula for Midweek (28 lessons) for K-6th
  • Workbooks, visuals, and other teaching materials
  • Parent pages



  • Parenting guides
  • Family devotionals
  • Bible memory resources
  • Parent pages
  • Discount on printed family discipleship resources
  • Family discipleship email
  • + Digital access for all your teachers and volunteers

    + Free discipleship guides for parents

    + 25% off printed family discipleship resource orders of $25 or more

    + Training modules

    + Printed curriculum resources (from subscribed content) offered at a subscriber discount (for example: 50% off Student Workbooks)

  • + Churchwide Scripture memory kit

    + Customer set up support

    + Monthly Roundtables

    + New curriculum as it is released

    + Ongoing curriculum upgrades / enhancements

    + Monthly coaching email for teachers and ministry leaders

  • + Free digital discipleship books for teachers and parents:

    • Zealous: 7 Commitments for the Discipleship of the Next Generations
    • Big, Bold, Biblical Prayers for the Next Generation
    • Indestructible Joy for the Next Generations

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Engage the next generation in deep discipleship

Equip your church with curriculum that:

  • affirms confidence in the truth and power of God’s Word
  • teaches the whole counsel of God
  • guides teachers and students to personally interact with the Scriptures
  • inspires genuine faith in Christ and loving obedience to His ways
  • promotes serious joy in God

Deepen your Discipleship


"I love your curriculum. The teachers at our church are so impressed with the systematic plan for teaching rich theological truths to children in a way that they can understand and in a way that brings about heart transformation. We can see a definite difference in the lives of our families and in the hearts of our children, including a greater knowledge of the Bible and also a greater desire for in-depth learning. The adults who teach in children’s ministry say that they are learning just as much as the children they teach."

Director of Preschool and Children’s Ministries
First Baptist Church, Henderson, Ky.

Truth78+ provides deep, comprehensive, and spiritually engaging discipleship curricula through a simple, user-friendly digital platform.

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