Translated Resources

Our mission to the next generation is a global mission. Our means to reach the global next generations is through the translation of our English resources into languages of the world.

Translated Resources

Our translation approach, though laborious, is very simple. We partner with non-profit organizations or individuals who share our passion and approach to ministry to the next generation...who are committed to careful translation and theological accuracy, and are able to contextualize illustrations for relevance. Once accepted into our translation program, we provide Truth78 resources to the translation team for free. After they complete the translations (including theological and editorial checks), Truth78 will host and freely distribute the translated resources through our website.

We are amazed by the work of many gifted translation teams with numerous resources currently available. We are also excited about the translation efforts in progress in Korean, Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese, Burmese, several Indian languages, and more.

The recent release of More Than a Story has opened the door for Truth78 to inspire and equip the nations with tools for the comprehensive discipleship of the next generation with the opportunity to print copies of our “starter resources” (Helping Children to Understand the GospelMore Than a Storyand  Zealous: 7 Commitments for the Discipleship of the Next Generation) for 30 language groups in the next five years.

Please join us in prayer for these projects. Pray that many more translation teams would be raised up to reach the nations. And please spread the word to those who may benefit from our translated resources. See our FAQ section below to learn how you can become more involved in this ministry.

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How do Truth78 materials get translated?

We are excited to partner with people around the world who show interest in translating our resources. If you are interested in translating, please contact us to get further information or learn about joining an existing translation team.

All Truth78 materials are the intellectual property of the authors and protected by copyright laws. Submitting a request for a translation license agreement is free but subject to approval by Truth78 leadership.

Are more translated resources coming?

Yes, contact us to find out about current and future international language translation and training projects.

How can I help get materials translated into a particular language?

Contact us to find out what languages are currently being translated and how you can help. Donate toward our international translation and training efforts.