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Teach Me Your Way

Teach Me Your Way

A Study for Youth on Surrender to Jesus and Submission to His Way

Lessons: 40

Target Grade: Grade 7

Grade Range: Grade 7 - Grade 12

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This Sunday School curriculum (also available in Spanish) examines the Sermon on the Mount to teach surrender to Jesus in salvation and submission to His way in obedience.

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What You Need to Start

  • 1 Teacher's Kit (plus 1 Leader's Edition for each additional teacher)
  • 1 Journal for each student

Additional Helps 

  • 1 Color Resource Packet*
  • Song CD: the Sermon on the Mount set to music (Extended Set 5)
  • Fighter Verses App: the Sermon on the Mount is Set 5 of our Extended Collection

*Printable from the kit

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This Sunday School curriculum encourages students to surrender to Jesus in salvation and submit their minds, hearts, and wills to His way in obedience. The first several lessons of the curriculum focus on the need for salvation, and on God’s work in making idolaters into worshipers of Himself. Then, students examine the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7), focusing on the inward heart attitude of a person who is submitted to Christ and His ways. The lessons explore the human tendency to worship the creation rather than the Creator, and to pursue the temporal benefits of the world over the eternal value of knowing Christ.

Recommended resources for leaders and students:

  • Song CD: the Sermon on the Mount set to music (Extended Set 5)
  • Fighter Verses App: the Sermon on the Mount is Set 5 of our Extended Collection
  • The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer
  • Hinds’ Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard
  • Kingdom’s Dawn by Chuck Black

Scripture quotations are from the ESV® Bible.


Teach Me Your Way: Teacher's Kit

Order 1 for each class.

Print Teacher’s Kit includes:

  • One spiral Leader’s Edition with an introduction, lessons, and appendix.
  • A link with PDFs of full-color teaching aids that correspond to the lessons. These can be printed on paper or transparency, or used with a media projector. The these resources also include additional pieces (parent letters, articles, an audio message, etc.).
  • One spiral-bound Student Journal.

Teach Me Your Way: Additional Leader's Edition

Order 1 Leader’s Edition for each additional co-teacher or small group leader.

Leader’s Editions are essential for each small group leader and additional teacher. They include the complete curriculum introduction, lesson content, and appendix found in the corresponding Teacher’s Kit, but not the additional teaching aids. Each spiral Leader's Edition is designed to equip a co-teacher or small group leader with lessons to study and pray through as they prepare to minister to youth. The lessons include small group discussions about biblical content and application questions to help you guide youth to understand the key themes of the lesson, and to make personal application.


Teach Me Your Way: Color Resource Packet

Order 1 for each class. (Optional)

Teaching aids and visuals are professionally printed on cardstock in full color. (89 pages)

Electronic files (PDFs) of these same visuals are included in the Curriculum Resources link in the Teacher's Kit for printing or display with a media projector. These and other resources are not included in Printed Color Resource Packet.


Teach Me Your Way: Student Journal

Order 1 for each student.

The study features a spiral bound journal designed to be used by students and small group leaders both in class and at home to encourage reflection and application of God’s Word. The journal contains information for the students to interact with during the teaching and small group times.

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