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    Subscribe for unlimited digital access to a full library of curriculum (children, youth, and midweek) and comprehensive discipleship resources for the home. Add users, assign curriculum to teachers, and take advantage of significant discounts on printed products.

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    Get unlimited yearly access to individual curriculum titles on our digital platform. Each curriculum is conveniently structured by lesson, with all files needed for teachers, students, parents, and more.

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    Our full curricula are also available in spiral-bound print format. The classroom kits will provide everything you need to teach God-glorifying lessons to your students at church, school, home, and any other ministry.

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Live customer support
Digital access
Curriculum upgrades/enhancements
New curriculum as it is released
Ability to assign content to teachers
Discounts on print curriculum
Discount on family discipleship resources
Churchwide Scripture memory kit
Monthly coaching email for teachers and ministry leaders
Free digital discipleship books for teachers and parents (Email
Free discipleship guides for parents
Invitation to private Facebook community with other ministry leaders *
Invitation to monthly roundtable *
* When available