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The Way of the Wise

The Way of the Wise

A Study for Children on Wisdom and Foolishness

Lessons: 28

Target Grade: Grade 3

Grade Range: Grade 2 - Grade 5

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REVISED 2024: The Way of the Wise is a midweek study for children on wisdom and foolishness. The curriculum contrasts the foolish person and the wise person by discussing the characteristics of each. It also teaches that the way of the foolish ends in destruction, but the way of the wise leads to life. The curriculum challenges students to look beyond outward behavior and to look at the heart. The Way of the Wise uses the book of Proverbs to encourage children to pursue wisdom and to shun folly.

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What You Need to Start

  • 1 Classroom Kit (plus 1 Teacher’s Guide for each additional teacher)
  • 1 Workbook for each student

Additional Helps

  • 1 Banner or Mini Banner (sample)*
  • 1 Visuals Packet*
  • 1 set of buttons for each student (available in packs of 5)
  • 1 God's Wisdom book for each class or family 

*Printable from the kit

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The book of Proverbs is a book of life-giving advice and ominous warning. The advice is to pursue wisdom. The warning is to avoid folly, because foolishness leads to destruction. However, wisdom must be pursued. It takes effort, discipline, and a teachable heart. It also takes instruction. This Midweek curriculum uses the book of Proverbs and other Bible passages to contrast the way of the foolish with the way of the wise. Using a large banner illustrating two paths, students learn about the characteristics and destinations of the foolish and the wise, the meaning of the fear of the Lord, the treasure of wisdom, and the only way to enter the way of the wise—through Jesus Christ.

Connect classroom teaching with the home by encouraging family devotions from God's Wisdom


The Way of the Wise: Classroom Kit

Order 1 Classroom Kit for each class.

Print Classroom Kit includes:

  • A spiral-bound Teacher’s Guide with an introduction, lessons, and appendix
  • One Student Workbook
  • A sample Student Button Set (includes 1 button in each of the 4 designs)
  • A link for the Curriculum Resources with PDFs of Visuals Packet, Parent Pages, Optional Activity Pages, Substitute Teacher Lessons, the curriculum logo, and other resources needed for the study.

The Way of the Wise: Additional Teacher’s Guide

Order 1 Teacher’s Guide for each additional co-teacher or small group leader.

Each Teacher’s Guide is designed to equip small group leaders or co-teachers with their own copy of the curriculum to study and pray through as they prepare to minister to the students under their care.

The spiral-bound guide is intended to be used in conjunction with the Classroom Kit. The  guide includes the curriculum introduction, lesson, and appendix (but not the Curriculum Resources).


The Way of the Wise: Visuals Packet

Order 1 for each class. (Optional)

Stunning color visuals are printed on heavy duty cardstock for use in teaching the curriculum.

Note: The Classroom Kit contains Curriculum Resources from which you can print visuals yourself. (87 pages) 


The Way of the Wise: Student Workbook

Order 1 for each student.

The Student Workbook is designed to be used by students and small group leaders in the classroom during the lesson presentation and small group application. It includes application activities to help students reflect on and apply what they have studied. Students take their workbook home at the completion of the course. Parents can then use the workbooks to review with their children precious truth they have learned about God.


The Way of the Wise: Student Buttons (5 sets)

Order 1 set of buttons for each student. This item includes 5 sets of 4 buttons each.

Encourage students to reach different goals during the study with our Student Buttons. The projects students can complete to earn a button include:

  • Proverbs Reading: Read the book of Proverbs.
  • Memory Verses: Memorize 15 verses from the book of Proverbs.
  • Reading Badge: Read The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, or other recommended book, with a parent.
  • Proverbs Into Practice: Select three verses from Proverbs to act upon and share how the verses were put into practice.

The four, 1-1/2 inch buttons feature illustrations corresponding to the projects. The Student Buttons are perfect for students to display on backpacks or church bags as they complete their goals.

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