Memorize Scripture to Fight the Good Fight of Faith

Paul told Timothy to "fight the good fight of the faith" (1 Timothy 6:12). So too, every believer is called to fight a spiritual battle with the sword of the Spirit. That's why we created the Fighter Verses. 

Fighter Verses are 52 passages per yearone each weekfor five years. The passages focus on God's promises and arm Christians with the memorized Word to stand against unbelief and sin.

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    Visit for full list of memory verses and a weekly devotional blog.

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    Deepen your understanding with companion verse studies, journals, songs, and more.

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Tools for Memorizing

We remember what we repeat. In fact, most of us have more things memorized than we even realize.

The same mental process that makes lyrics, sports stats, and recipes stick in your mind works for Bible memory, too. Whether you’re young or old, everyone has the God-given ability to remember the things that are important to us.

How are you using your ability to memorize?

Memory Tools
  • Children

    Children have amazing memories, and what they memorize will stay with them for life. All the more reason to fill their minds with Scripture.

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  • Church

    Scripture memory is better together. Memorize with fellow church members for encouragement and growth in godliness.


“My main reason for memorizing Scripture fight unbelief in my life. To fight discouragement in my life. To handle the sorrows that come across my life. The devil is constantly shooting at me to be discouraged about myself, my family, my church, and the world. And the only way I know to fight back is with truths from God.”

John PiperFounder & Teacher,

  • walks through the Fighter Verses program and how to use it as an individual or together in a family or church. The website features the weekly memory passage and companion devotional.

  • Inspire

    Do you think you can’t memorize or that you’re too busy? This booklet will teach you how to memorize in just 15 minutes a week so you can take up the sword of the Spirit to fight the good fight of faith.

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  • Apply

    Writing memory verses in a Fighter Verses journal can help you remember the words, notice patterns and details, ask questions, and pray the verses you're storing in your heart.

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  • Ponder

    We make it easy to review and meditate on your verses by keeping them where you can see them throughout the day with the Fighter Verses cards and display stand.

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