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I Will Build My Church

I Will Build My Church

A Study for Children on the Family of God

Lessons: 28

Target Grade: Grade 4

Grade Range: Grade 3 - Grade 5

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I Will Build My Church is a Midweek Bible curriculum for children about God’s family, communicating the essence and purpose of Jesus’ church, along with its regular practices.

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What You Need to Start

  • 1 Classroom Kit (plus 1 Teacher's Guide for each additional teacher)
  • 1 Workbook for each student

Additional Helps

  • 1 Visuals Packet*
  • 1 set of buttons for each student (available in packs of 5)

*Printable from the kit

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When most children hear the word “church,” the first thing that usually comes to mind is a particular place—a building. Church is a place where they go for a weekly worship service, Sunday school classes, and more. However, as the Bible defines it, the church is something much more beautiful, wonderful, and profound.

The church is God’s chosen, blessed, redeemed, and holy people, who are called to worship God, to love and build up one another into Christlikeness, and to proclaim the gospel to the lost. The lessons develop these themes as the study progresses and build up to the glorious triumph of Jesus’ church for all eternity.

Throughout this curriculum, children will be taught different aspects of Jesus’ church—what the church truly is, when and how it began, who it includes, how it functions, and its ultimate purpose. Many of the lessons are very practical in that they explain the various elements of regular church life that we often take for granted: gathering for a weekly worship service, the preaching of the Word, corporate prayer, participating in the Lord’s Supper, living out the one-another commands, missions, etc. Throughout the lessons, there are various activities that have been designed to introduce children to your local church’s history, leadership, ministries, and practices.

By helping children understand these basic realities of the body of Christ, our hope and prayer is that they will see and experience the church with a growing sense of awe, love, and appreciation. Furthermore, and especially for children who are already trusting in Christ, this study is also designed to encourage and equip them for greater participation in the life of the church.


I Will Build My Church: Classroom Kit

Order 1 Classroom Kit for each class.

Print Classroom Kit includes:

  • One spiral Teacher’s Guide with an introduction, lessons, and appendix
  • A link for the Curriculum Resources with PDFs (and JPEGs) of the Visuals Packet to print and/or electronically display for teaching, Parent Pages, Optional Activity Pages, Substitute Teacher Lessons and Guide, the curriculum logo, and other resources needed for the study.
  • One Student Workbook
  • A sample Student Button Set (includes 1 button in each of the 4 designs)

I Will Build My Church: Additional Teacher's Guide

Order 1 Teacher's Guide for each additional co-teacher or small group leader.

Each Teacher’s Guide is designed to equip a small group leader or co-teacher with their own copy of the curriculum to study and pray through as they prepare to minister to the children under their care.

This spiral guide is intended to be used in conjunction with the Classroom Kit. The file includes the curriculum introduction, lessons, and appendix (but not the Curriculum Resources).


I Will Build My Church: Visuals Packet

Order 1 for each class. (Optional)

Stunning color visuals are printed on heavy duty cardstock for use in teaching the curriculum.

Note: The Classroom Kit contains Curriculum Resources from which you can print visuals yourself. (118 pages)


I Will Build My Church: Student Workbook

Order 1 for each student.

The Student Workbook is designed to be used by students and small group leaders in the classroom during the lesson presentation and small group application. It includes application activities to help students reflect on and apply what they have studied. Children take their workbook home at the completion of the course. The workbooks can then serve to assist parents in reviewing with their children precious truth about God.


I Will Build My Church: Student Buttons (5 sets)

Order 1 set of buttons for each student. This item includes 5 sets of 4 buttons each.

Encourage students to reach different goals during the study with our Student Buttons. The projects children can complete to earn a button include:

  • Worship God!—Memorize a hymn. Your child’s teacher will provide suggestions.
  • Love One Another—Complete a service project for someone in your church family.
  • The Apostles’ Creed—Memorize the Apostles’ Creed.
  • Proclaim the Gospel—Participate in a project to reach people who aren’t Christians.

The four, 1 1/2 inch buttons feature illustrations corresponding to the projects. The Student Buttons are perfect for students to display on backpacks or church bags as they complete their goals.

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