"The best education is education in the best things." -Charles Spurgeon

Do you passionately desire to educate your children “in the best things”? Are your efforts focused on and sustained by a biblical vision of education that includes foundational commitments such as…

  • Communicating an unshakable confidence in the authority of the Bible?
  • Teaching the whole counsel of God?
  • Rigorously training the mind? 
  • Engaging the heart so as to stir up godly affections and actions?
  • Being relational in how truth is taught and lived out?
  • Integrating biblical truth to all of life?
  • Prayerful dependence on God?
  • Inspiring worship of God for the glory of God?

Truth78 resources are specifically designed to help you educate and disciple your children with these commitments in mind, offering various interactive topical biblical studies, devotionals, Scripture memory resources, and classroom Bible curricula.

  • Making HIM Known Books

    Age Range: 5-12

    Chapters: 26

    The Making HIM Known series (based on Truth78 curriculum) gives parents an opportunity to present solid truth to their children and encourage real-life application. There is a greater impact when an individual discovers truth instead of just hearing it presented. Each book in this series incorporates questions into the text to encourage children to think critically.

    • The books are also designed to help parents bridge the gap between biblical truth and real-life application with a “Learning to Trust God” section. 
    • Parents can guide children through the discovery and application in 20 to 25 minutes per chapter.
  • A picture of two books exploring the old and new testament stories for children to grow in their knowledge and excitement for the Bible.

    More Than a Story

    Age Range: 6-12+

    Chapters in OT Volume: 90

    Chapters in NT Volume: 66

    The two volumes of More Than a Story take children on a chronological journey through the Bible and offer a comprehensive introduction to the breadth and depth of Scripture.

    • Interactive style enables parents and children to engage in conversations addressing the mind, heart, and will
    • A clear presentation of the key doctrines of the Christian faith
    • Nearly 2,000 Scriptures woven Into text of the Old and New Testament volumes
    • Parents can guide their children through a chapter in 20 to 30 minutes.




Making HIM Known books, based on Truth78 curriculum, are designed for biblical instruction and discipleship

  • Glorious God, Glorious Gospel

    A 15-chapter devotional to ground children in the essential, foundational, and glorious truths of the gospel.

  • The Righteous Shall Live By Faith

    A 13-week study on the Ten Commandments that includes six days of devotional ideas per week plus ideas for a weekly Family Night Activity.


  • Lord, Teach Us to Pray

    A 13-week study on prayer that includes six days of devotional ideas per week plus ideas for a weekly Family Night Activity.


  • Fighter Verses Studies

    A year-long devotional designed to deepen engagement with the Set 1 or Set 2 Fighter Verses. Available for 13-week studies with a journal and coloring book


Memorize Scripture as a family to fight the fight of faith

The Fighter Verses program encourages families in the lifelong practice and love of Bible memory. This five-year program features weekly verses essential to fighting the fight of faith.


Encourage children to know and love God’s Word

Resources that teach children how to read and study the Bible, pray for understanding and a right heart, and apply what they learn to their daily lives.


Get a guide for helping children read and study the Bible by age level

How much Bible study can a child do in Kindergarten, in 3rd grade, in 5th grade, and beyond? Find age-appropriate goals for reading and studying Scripture, practical tools, and specific examples in this guide.

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Integrate Truth78 curriculum into your homeschool study

Truth78 curriculum was created for use in the church, but can be adapted for use in the home.

Guide your child at each stage of discipleship

Inspiration and practical help for teaching and discipling children. 


Disciple with confidence

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