Books for family discipleship based on Truth78 curriculum

Books for family discipleship based on Truth78 curriculum

Jen Martin, mother of eight, was looking for a way to teach her children about the names of God when she found God’s Names. What struck her as she read it aloud to her children, ages 0-10, was how providential their reading was for their circumstances. “We seem to always be reading the exact chapter we need for whatever issue we are facing at the time,” she said. “This has happened over and over and over again!” 

They didn’t stop with God’s Names, but went on to other titles in the series. Martin tells of a time when a critical, and expensive, component of one of the machines owned by their family's business blew up. That night’s family devotions found them reading the chapter in God’s Battle called “Battle Strategy: Depend on God.” Their prayers that night included a plea for help: “We told God that we neither had the finances to buy the spare parts nor the time to wait should they not be available in our country. It was all over for us unless God saw fit to work a miracle.” They told God there were depending on Him, acknowledging “only He could get us out of our predicament.” They knew God had the power to provide the parts, but they also “trusted that He would do what was best for His glory and our good. We went to bed content,” said Martin. 

She wrote to tell us what happened: 

The next morning, a four-figure monetary gift arrived out of the blue. It was for $7 more than the price of the spare part, which was in stock in Melbourne–only a short drive from us! It was an absolute miracle. We thanked the Lord for His amazing goodness to us (and I took the children to buy a treat and to celebrate answered prayer). Your books have walked us through this issue and countless others. I wanted to write to you to thank you for these wonderful resources. What a blessing it is to have such wonderful books to aid me in discipling my little ones. Thank you so very much.

The Making Him Known books pulled the Martins “closer to God,” she said. “These books have not only strengthened the children's faith, but mine, too.”

Each book in the Making Him Known series is based on a specific Truth78 curriculum and so each book makes a wonderful home devotional companion to its corresponding curriculum. Each of the eight books consists of 26 chapters, written in child-friendly language, with full-color illustrations and is designed to focus on particular aspects of the greatness and worth of God and our response to Him. The chapters conclude with “Learning to Trust God” application questions to further spiritual discussion between child(ren) and parents and a suggested activity. They seek to address our children’s deepest need—to know, love, trust, and treasure God through Christ.

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Curriculum Related Making HIM Known books
How Majestic Is Your Name God's Names
Faithful to All His Promises God's Promise
My Purpose Will Stand God's Providence
The Way of the Wise  God's Wisdom
Fight the Good Fight God's Battle 
I Stand in Awe God's Word
Jesus, What a Savior!  God's Gospel
Rejoicing in God's Good Design God's Design
The ABCs of God God's Attributes

Note: The Making HIM Known books were published under the name Children Desiring God by P&R Publishing.

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