Collection: The Fighter Verses Study: Set 2

Go deeper into the Word by studying the verses you’re memorizing with Set 2 resources. Memorizing the Word makes it possible to meditate on the Word, which carries the potential of shaping our thinking and our affections.

The Fighter Verses™ Study is a year-long devotional designed to deepen your engagement with the Set 2 Fighter Verses. These resources are ideal for families, small groups, classes, and individuals, with a coloring book for younger children. 
These Fighter Verses have been specifically chosen to help believers "fight the fight of faith."

Sample and Scope & Sequence

What You Need to Start

  • 1 Discussion Guide or Study Guide (choose Full Year or Quarterly options)

Additional Helps

  • 1 Coloring Book for each child
  • 1 Journal for each youth/adult
  • 1 Hidden in My Heart booklet for each adult
  • Fighter Verses Song CD, Set 2
  • The Fighter Verses App

Set 2 Verses Index (Working through a different set of verses? Study resources available for Set 1, Set 3, and Set 4.)

Collapsible content

More Information

The God of the universe, the One who saved us for a purpose, wants us to know Him. The way to grow in that relationship is to spend time talking and listening to Him. When He speaks through His Word, impressing things on our hearts and minds, it’s important to write them down. If it was important for Him to say, it is important for us to remember.

These resources are designed to help you focus on God’s Word—the Word that has the power to shape how you think about Him, yourself, others, the world, your decisions, how you spend your time, and more.

  • The Discussion Guide includes guided questions for individual or group study, and prompts participants to memorize each passage and put it into practice.
  • The journal provides simple encouragement to spend time with the Lord and record your reflections on your prayer and Bible study. By prompting you to ask What does God want me to think, be, and do? the journal reminds you to ask God for insights, ideas, clarifications, and personal applications of each week’s passage.
  • The Quarterly Study option takes the same content from the year-long discussion and study guides and breaks it down into four, 13-week parts. The parts work together as a series or may be studied independently. 

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