Family Discipleship Collection

Inspiration and practical help for teaching and discipling children

How do you dedicate children to the Lord?

How should you share the gospel with children in an age-appropriate way?

How can you know if your child is truly a Christian?

How can you effectively pray for the next generation?

Our booklets will help you answer questions like these at every stage of a child's discipleship, from birth to baptism and beyond. 

    Start Blessing Your Children Today

    Pronouncing a blessing over your children is a powerful way to plead for God's grace on them while giving them a vision for what you hope they will become. A Father’s Guide to Blessing His Children shows you how to bless your children, providing sample blessings so you can start blessing them today. Each blessing is based on a biblical text and flows from author David Michael's heart as a father and a pastor.


    What Might God Do Through Your Prayers?

    Our first prayers should be for the greater things, the big things—God's Kingdom and righteousness at work in children's lives—as we trust Him for the lesser, daily things. Bold prayers arise from our confidence in Christ and all that He is for those who belong to Him. And all of this rests on God’s promises revealed in the Bible. Big, Bold, Biblical Prayers will equip you to pray intentionally for your children, including 17 sample prayers and passages of Scriptures to inspire your prayers.

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    Welcome Children to Worship

    When we welcome children into the worship service we reflect Jesus’ open arms inviting children to come to Him. When families worship together, children learn that they are part of the congregation. The children’s presence in coporate worship–the most central, regular, and valuable activity of the church–reminds the body of its responsibility to nurture the faith of the next generation. Children and the Worship Service offers a biblical vision for children’s active participation in the service, as well as practical help for the challenges that come with including children.

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    Offer Your Children Back to God

    When we receive a child from God, it is right that we offer that child back to God for His wise and sovereign purposes, and offer ourselves to Him for the resposibility of being biblical parents. Dedicated to the Lord explores five promises representing the biblical calling that rests on all Christian parents. Parents can make these promises publicly or privately as an expression of their gratitude to God for His gift and their resolve to be faithful parents. 

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    Timeless Tools for Making Disciples

    Our calling is clear—make disciples. This is the greatest work we can invest our lives in. For centuries, the church responded to Jesus’ mandate by providing doctrinal instruction through catechesis. Over time, the church moved away from using the catechism and, in many cases, from any form of intentional doctrinal instruction. Discipleship through Doctrinal Teaching and Catechism will help you revive this effective tool for imparting eternal truths to the next generation.

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    Discern Faith and Prepare for Baptism

    How can you know if a young person is a true disciple of Jesus who is ready to be baptized? Established in the Faith equips parents and church leaders to help those ages 11 and up explore their understanding of the gospel and discern the state of their souls. Includes Scripture passages and probing questions, biblical truths and discussion topics, and suggestions for times of shared prayer.

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    Embrace the Mission of Motherhood

    Mothering is a God-given mission with daily opportunities to nurture budding seeds of faith in your children. Do you awake each day anticipating the moments God will supply to impart words of life and lead your little ones to the Savior? Mothers: Disciplers of the Next Generations will challenge you to view your mothering from a biblical perspective, to encourage faith in your children, and to rely on God as your sin-bearer, the One who will help you accomplish the great work He has called you to.

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    Sow Gospel Seeds with Your Children

    Helping Children to Understand the Gospel shows you how to prepare the hearts of children to hear the gospel, discern stages of their spiritual growth, and share the essential truths of the gospel accurately, in language children can understand. This book includes a 10-week family devotional covering the 10 essential truths of the gospel.

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    Learn to Lead Children in Prayer

    Prayer—the supreme gift of grace that flows from the gospel—is communion with God. Do you know how to lead children in prayer? Whether in the living room or the classroom, Utter Dependency on God, Through Prayer will encourage your growth in the faith, even as it teaches you strategies for leading children in prayer.

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    Use Scripture to Pray for the Children in Your Life

    What kind of legacy do you want to leave for the children in your life? Sally Michael encourages you to consider the spiritual inheritance you can give to the next generation through your faithful prayers and equips you with a method for using Scripture to pray for your child, grandchild, or the children in your church.

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