• Lessons: 13

  • Target Grade: Multi-age

  • Grade Range: 6 Years - Adult

A Study for Children and Adults on the Ten Commandments

Why should we study the Ten Commandments? Their meaning seems obvious…until we look at them in their historical context, which serves as the framework to understand the underlying themes of law and grace. The prologue of the commandments sets the stage for these themes as God reveals Himself as the One who delivers His people “out of the land of slavery.” He is a covenant-keeping God who invites us to be part of His family.

As we examine each commandment to discover not only what it prohibits but also what it promotes, we see how the commandments reflect the perfections of God and His heart for His people. By delving into the deeper meaning of the commandments, which Jesus provided in the New Testament, it becomes increasingly clear that sinners are unable to keep God’s perfect law. So not only are the Ten Commandments pertinent for our moral instruction, but they can also be used to bring about conversion. For it is in God’s perfect law that we see our depravity. Understanding the requirements of God’s law serves as a mirror to show us our total inability to meet His standards.

REVISED 2022: This is an intergenerational (multi-age) curriculum that instructs young and old in God’s perfect moral law and our inability to keep it, and points us to the grace that God gives through the redemption offered by the death of His Son. The game and student banner serve as visuals aids to reinforce key themes. The Family Devotional Guide enables families to build on each lesson at home throughout the week.

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As a Children's Church teacher for over 10 years I have taught from many curricula in the past but until now have never found one that so combines meaningful content, rich illustrations and actual Bible reading and analysis together in a way that is truly changing attitudes amongst the kids I teach. I feel spoilt to be able to base my lessons off of this curriculum. Please keep writing these curricula because they are making such an impact on so many kids' lives.