• Lessons: 29

  • Target Grade: Nursery

  • Grade Range: Birth - 36+ Months

A Philosophy and Curriculum for Ministry to Infants and Toddlers

The church nursery is an exciting and vital ministry in the church—a launching pad for nurturing the faith of the next generation. A Sure Foundation: A Philosophy and Curriculum for Ministry to Infants and Toddlers is designed to help you transform your ministry to infants and toddlers into an integral beginning—a place of prayer for young children, a place where they hear foundational Bible stories, and a place where children learn simple truth statements and begin to memorize Scripture as they form their language skills.

Transform your nurseries into a place for prayer, where children learn simple truths about God, begin to memorize Scripture, and hear foundational Bible stories.

Curriculum Sample and Scope & Sequence

A Sure Foundation is divided into four stages.

  • The Fragrance of the Knowledge of Christ establishes the philosophy of ministering in infant nurseries and creates an environment centered on prayer for each baby.
  • Young toddlers, 18-24 months, are taught four repeating Bible stories and monthly memory verses along with truth statements about God’s character in The Wonders He Has Done.
  • The Older Toddler Volume 1 Teacher’s Guide, His Praiseworthy Deeds, reviews the four stories already learned, teaches 24- to 36-month-old toddlers nine more foundational stories and completes the monthly memory verses.
  • For toddlers 36 months and up who have not graduated to a preschool class, the Older Toddler Volume 2 Teacher’s Guide, Set Their Hope in God, introduces 16 additional Bible stories with accompanying memory verses for each lesson. If you do not have separate older toddler classrooms, Volume 2 can also be used as a midweek curriculum for older toddlers.

We recommend this training video to help build a robust, biblical vision for nursery ministry (handout).

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    • 1 set of Story Pictures for each class

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Customer Testimonials


A Sure Foundation was our first taste of Truth78, and gave us a vision for what effective ministry to the youngest ones should look like. As the name implies, each curriculum in the kit builds on the next in such a beautiful way. At the same time a child is learning to name his nose, he is learning that a great and good God made his nose. As children learn their first words, they are learning to give glory to a great God who deserves all of our praise. Our teachers feel that the Bible stories are just right for the children. Not too long in length, the children grasp the concepts and love the pictures that go with them. After hearing the stories several times, they begin to memorize them and truly understand how great God is. This curriculum lays everything out so simply for teachers to lead the littlest ones to God. As one of our teachers said, “We have all the tools from songs, verses and prayers to pray with and over the children. It’s a joy to see how each child progresses in their understanding of God and the Bible from September to June. It’s also been great to have tools such as the parent pages and Bible verse magnets to give to the parents so we can come alongside them while they are guiding their children to walk with God.”

As great as the program is, I would say that the biggest asset is the resourcing and equipping of parents. The take home pages help parents weave thankfulness and praise to God into the daily rhythm of their lives. I speak firsthand as a parent of two young children in these classes. And, if your church is able, equipping parents with the discipleship booklets truth78 provides will help give young parents a big vision for discipleship as they lead their family. We give out "A Father's Guide to Blessing His Children" bundle and "Mothers: Disciplers of the Next Generations" on Father’s Day and Mother’s Day respectively. We also would like to incorporate "Praying for the Next Generation" as a welcome gift in the nursery. This curriculum has blessed our church and my family tremendously.

My three-year-old son, whose name is Joshua, wanted everyone to sing "Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho" while he danced around. We sang it a few times, with him yelling, "again", "louder", or "everybody" each time we finished. Suddenly, he stopped. "No Mommy. That's not right. GOD fought the battle of Jericho. God won the battle because God is big. Mommy, can we sing "GOD Fought the Battle of Jericho?"" This time everyone sang out loudly, some of us with tears in our eyes. Now Joshua sings "God Fought the Battle of Jericho" and I praise God for the vision and resources of Truth78.


Thank you! This ability to simply teach our littles is a HUGE blessing! Thank you for your ministry and how it will continue to strengthen ours! Through your apps and children materials we are all extremely blessed! May God continue to show Himself evident in and through all you do! Blessings galore!