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Would you like some practical help and inspiration for teaching and discipling the children in your life? Whether you want guidance in dedicating children to the Lord, sharing the gospel in an age-appropriate manner, discerning whether a child is truly a Christian, or knowing how to effectively pray for the next generation, the books in the Family Discipleship Collection can help you at every stage from birth to baptism, and beyond.

Truth78 booklets provide vision and practical direction for parents in critical aspects of teaching and discipleship. Purchase individual titles or get a discount buying the collection.

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What are the benefits of the Family Discipleship Series and how can it be used?

  • It provides churches with a means to equip parents with discipleship resources.
  • These books can be added to a church’s resource library where parents can check out books as needed.
  • They are great for gift giving.
  • These books offer a wide scope of biblical narrative and doctrinal topics for parents to use in discipling their children. Each title is reflective of Truth78’s theological commitments and distinctions.

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