Discipleship, and Coloring Books?

Discipleship, and Coloring Books?

Last year I gave my three younger grandchildren a Good News of Great Joy coloring book. Much to my surprise, the two older grandchildren (ages 8 and 10) wanted one also. The kids thoroughly enjoyed coloring the pages after learning and discussing each day’s Scripture reading in the calendar, creating a special visual reminder of the biblical truths taught.

Have you considered the benefits of using Truth78 coloring books as an aid in your children’s discipleship?

Not only do coloring pages keep hands creatively busy, they can also:
  • Encourage children to be more attentive and spur spiritual conversations as they are sitting down and calmly coloring their page.
  • Help children more fully visualize real people, places, and events being discussed.
  • Serve to help children understand the whole and/or chronological progression of a particular biblical focus (Old Testament and New Testament coloring books).
  • Be a colorful and personal review tool to recall important biblical truths.
  • Help children memorize Scripture by depicting symbols, people, and events that trigger their memory of a specific verse (Foundation Verses and Fighter Verses Set 1,2, and 3).
  • Introduce children to the attributes of God (The ABCs of God workbook).
  • Become a means for children to share what they have learned with others with others.

All told, there are a variety of ways coloring books can be incorporated into children’s discipleship. They are not the only tool or even the most important one, but as I have personally witnessed and heard from many others, coloring books can be a helpful and delightful addition to family devotions or other kinds of biblical study. Furthermore, coloring books are wonderful tools that can easily “travel” – keeping young children attentive during the sermon, long rides in the car, waiting in doctor’s office, and on and on (plus, they make unique and affordable gifts).

You can explore our coloring books collection here.

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