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Things Hidden: Coordinator's Starter Kit

Things Hidden: Coordinator's Starter Kit

A Study for Children on Kingdom Parables

Lessons: 5
Grade Range: Kindergarten - Grade 6

Order 1 kit for each program.

Print kit includes:

  • One spiral Teacher's Guide containing curriculum introduction, lessons, and appendix (purchase an additional Teacher's Guide for each additional leader)
  • A link to the Curriculum Resources with printable files that include: Visuals Packet, Optional Activities, and Parent Pages
  • One Student Project
  • One Helping Children to Understand the Gospel booklet which is a good resource for teachers, leaders, and families.

Sample and Scope & Sequence

 Electronic kit includes the following files:

  • 1 Teacher's Guide (1 license) containing the introduction, lessons, and appendix (91 pages) (purchase an additional Teacher's Guide for each additional leader)
  • Visuals Packet for print (PDF, 20 pages)
  • Visuals for electronic display (PDF)
  • Watermarked Student Project for Teacher and Small Group Leader Reference Only (PDF, 6 pages/3 front and back)
  • Optional Activities (PDF, 27 pages)
  • Parent and Child Resource Pages (PDF, 8 pages)
  • Additional Resources, including a watermarked copy of Helping Children to Understand the Gospel

Electronic License Information: This Coordinator's Starter Kit includes a license for 1 Teacher's Guide. Each licensed copy of the electronic Teacher's Guide may be used by one individual. This material may not be shared among multiple or rotating users. However, if a different individual is using the curriculum at a later date and you have asked the previous user to delete the file (and destroy or return any print copies), the resource may be assigned to a different individual.

The resource files included with each kit (not including the Teacher's Guide) may be shared with the co-teachers, small group leaders, and parents in the class as explained by the licensing information in the kit.

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The parables of Jesus contain glorious, life-changing truth. But the beauty and worth of God’s truth is hidden from those who have blind eyes and a divided heart.

Using hidden treasure as a metaphor for spiritual truth, this study of kingdom parables exalts God alone as the source of spiritual sight and an undivided heart. The goal of this curriculum is to awaken spiritual interest in children, so that they might seek after the hidden treasure of God and find their satisfaction in Him.

Things Hidden contains five lessons on the Kingdom parables, complete with colorful visuals and application discussion questions. Optional activities include fun activities, games, and worksheets, as well as a student project that can be worked on throughout the duration of the curriculum. Things Hidden is ideal to be taught in a VBS (Vacation Bible School) or BYBC (Backyard Bible Club) setting.

Kingdom Parables:

  • The Pearl of Great Value
  • The Treasure Hidden in the Field
  • The Sower and the Seeds
  • The Prodigal Son and the Forgiving Father
  • The Weeds
  • The Net
  • The Lost Sheep
  • The Lost Coin

To assist leaders in discussing the gospel at a deeper level with the children they interact with, the booklet Helping Children to Understand the Gospel is included in the kit. 


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