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Memory Verses Stars

Memory Verses Stars

Package of 20 Stars

Age: Preschool - Grade 1

Children can earn stars by memorizing verses. The stars can be stitched (or glued) to the Fighter Verses Tote Bag.

Package of 20 Stars.

Suggested Use: Encourage children 2-5 years old to memorize 5 verses to earn a tote bag. Then, continue to encourage them to memorize verses by letting them earn a Memory Verse Star (which can be sewn or glued on the bag) for each additional 5 verses, using a Bible Memory Chart to track their progress.

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Read the article Godward Recognition for more suggestions on using memorization incentives. We also have a Bible Memory Chart and other Free Tools that you could use to encourage young children in Scripture memory.

Tips for Young Children

  • Say the reference. First, clearly pronounce the reference ("address" is easier for some young children to understand than "reference"). Then have the child repeat the reference.
  • Repeat the passage in sections. Say the passage in several bite-sized sections, repeating each section. Repeat the sections.
  • Repeat the reference again.
  • Repeat the passage several more times. Lengthen the sections each time.
  • Discuss the passage. After the passage is remembered (usually in 3-4 repetitions), it is good to dissect it. Discuss the meaning of unfamiliar words. Rephrase the passage and try to help the child discover how the passage applies to his life.

Once your child can confidently say the passage and can explain its meaning, he can receive an agreed-upon reward. At first, the rewards should be small and easily attained in order to ensure success. Gradually the rewards should be harder to secure.

When helping children to memorize Scripture, avoid distracting or trivial activities such as seeing who can say the passage with the most marshmallows stuffed into his mouth or while hopping on one foot. These activities trivialize God’s Word. They also disrupt the learning process. It is likely that the child will remember the activity more than the verse. If the activity does not strengthen the connection children make with the passage, it probably should not be used. Also, these activities tend to take a lot of time and creativity to plan so that it is easy to lose momentum and to stop memorizing. Having a simple routine provides greater continuity and also forms memorizing habits.

Check out for more information on additional resources and blog posts and download the Fighter Verses App to tools to help you memorize and review verses with your children.