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Fight the Good Fight: Yearly Access

Fight the Good Fight: Yearly Access

A Study for Children on Persevering in Faith

Lessons: 28
Target Grade: Grade 6
Grade Range: Grade 4 - Grade 6

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Fight the Good Fight is a Midweek curriculum that will equip students with strategies to battle sin and fuel their faith in God. Scripture is the best tool to fight the "fight of faith."
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Christians must be fighters: that is, fighters in the battle for faith! This Midweek Bible curriculum identifies various battlegrounds of temptation, and equips children with strategies for fighting against sin. They are encouraged to fuel their faith in God by remembering that strength, help, and victory are assured in Christ. Children are challenged to memorize 50 Fighter Verses to help them in the battle.

One of the reasons there is so little deep, earnest, passionate concern for godliness in the contemporary church is that this truth is so little understood—the truth, namely, that eternal life is laid hold of only by a persevering fight of faith. There is today, by and large, a devil-may-care, cavalier, superficial attitude toward the on-going, daily intensity of personal faith because people do not believe that their eternal life depends on it. The last 200 years has seen an almost incredible devaluation of the fight of faith. We have moved a hundred miles from Pilgrim's Progress where Christian labors and struggles and fights all his life until he is safe in the Celestial City. O, how different is the biblical view of the Christian life than the one prevalent in the American church.

… We have been poorly taught. And so I urge each of you to return to the Scripture with eyes opened afresh to learn the doctrine of our text that: All Christians Must Lay Hold on Eternal Life by Fighting the Good Fight of Faith 

John Piper in his message Camaraderie in the Fight of Faith.

Connect classroom teaching with the home by encouraging family devotions from God's Battle.

Recommended resource for leaders and students: The War for Mansoul, a John Bunyan classic as told by Ethel Barrett. 

Scripture quotations are from the ESV® Bible.