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Step 2: Ministry Size and Family Library Add-on

What's in the Youth Library?

My Purpose Will Stand
  • Lessons: 40
  • Target Grade: 6th
  • Grade Range: 5th - 7th
Fight the Good Fight
  • Lessons: 40
  • Target Grade: 6th
  • Grade Range: 5th - 7th
Teach Me Your Way
  • Lessons: 40
  • Target Grade: 7th
  • Grade Range: 7th - 12th
Your Word is Truth
  • Lessons: 40
  • Target Grade: 8th
  • Grade Range: 7th - 12th
Open My Eyes
  • Lessons: 40
  • Target Grade: 10th
  • Grade Range: 9th - 12th
Pour Out Your Heart Before Him
  • Lessons: 28
  • Target Grade: 7th
  • Grade Range: 6th - 8th
Abiding in Jesus
  • Lessons: 28
  • Target Grade: 8th
  • Grade Range: 7th - 12th
Rejoicing in God's Good Design
  • Lessons: 28
  • Target Grade: 9th
  • Grade Range: 7th - 12th
Fighter Verses Study: Set 1
  • Lessons: 52
  • Age: Multi-age
And More, in the Future!

Family Discipleship Library Details

The number of family subscribers is twice the number of total children served. For example, if you chose 26-50 children served, then 100 people could subscribe to the Family Discipleship Library.

What's included in the Family Discipleship Library?

Big, Bold, Biblical Prayers
Utter Dependency on God, Through Prayer
Dedicated to the Lord
Established in the Faith
Discipleship through Doctrinal Teaching and Catechism
Mothers: Disciplers of the Next Generations
Helping Children to Understand the Gospel
Children and the Worship Service
Praying for the Next Generation
A Father's Guide to Blessing His Children
Your Promise Gives Me Life
Indestructible Joy for the Next Generations
Hidden in  My Heart
From Childhood You Have Known
Zealous: 7 Commitments for the Discipleship of the Next Generations
The Righteous Shall Live By Faith Family Devotional Guide
Lord, Teach Us To Pray Family Devotional Guide
Glorious God, Glorious Gospel
Jesus, What a Savior! Parent Pages
The ABCs of God Parent Pages
Faithful to All His Promises Parent Pages
In the Beginning... Jesus Parent Pages
To Be Like Jesus Parent Pages
How Majestic is Your Name Parent Pages
My Purpose Will Stand Parent Pages
And More, in the Future!
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