Help your young guests engage in the worship service

Do you want to help the children who visit your church engage with the service?

A valuable way to welcome visiting families is to provide them with tools to help their children focus on God and more fully participate in the worship service.

With God’s help, children can discover who He is, understand more of His Word, and grow in their love for the truth.

Equip visiting families to help their children engage in worship

My Church Notes and My First Church Notes are printable downloads you can give to visiting families that include note pages from the My Church Notebooks.

My First Church Notes: Preschool is intended for visiting families with three- and four-year old children.

Four note pages include:

  • A memory verse page with a picture to color.
  • A coloring page emphasizing one of 12 biblical themes.
  • A border page to draw a picture of something the child hears about from the sermon.
  • An additional page for drawing or writing words.

My Church Notes: Elementary are designed for visitors in grades 1-6 with content drawn from My Church Notebook, Volume 1.

The pages feature content designed to teach children to actively listen to the sermon, take notes, recognize key points, and ask questions.

The children are also asked to reflect on what God wants them to think, be, or do in response to what they hear in the sermon.

Church Notes provide guests with a sample of material from the My Church Notebooks