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Fighter Verses™ Churchwide helps believers encourage one another in Scripture memory in order to fight the fight of faith. When church members memorize God’s Word together, they grow in unity, spiritual maturity, and perseverance in the faith. 

Start with the digital kit that includes everything a church needs to roll out a year-long Scripture memory program, including communications leading up to the launch, informational and inspirational bulletin inserts/newsletter articles, weekly ESV verse slides, tools to prepare the congregation for memorizing Scripture, and more.

Consider the optional companion Fighter Verses resources, designed to support church members as they hide God’s Word in their hearts.

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Shared Bible memory builds unity among church members and encourages them to support one another in this essential spiritual discipline. 

Knowing Scripture by heart makes it easier to apply God’s Word to the problems, temptations, and opportunities of daily life. When church members have hearts full of the Word of God, those Scriptures are readily available to pray and counsel in moments of need. That’s why we created Fighter Verses—for the building up of the body of Christ.

The Fighter Verses Churchwide Kit brings all of the pieces together in one place to help you roll out a year-long Scripture memory program. 

More than a Year

Fighter Verses is a five year program with five sets of 52 passages. The Churchwide Kit contains verse slides for all five sets. We started with Set 1 in 1998 and have been rotating through the five sets every five years since. See for a devotional with each weekly passage. Additionally, the printable Fighter Verses bookmarks are available for all 5 sets. You can follow the current Fighter Verses schedule (Set 3 in 2023, Set 4 in 2024, etc), or you can start with any one of the five, non-consecutive sets for a robust Bible memory program. 

The Fighter Verses App features the current set by default, but users can customize their schedule, choosing the set they'd like to start with. The app also includes the weekly verse devotionals and discussion questions for all the verses in the program, in order to help parents incorporate Scripture memory into family discipleship.

A variety of Fighter Verses resources are available for each set. For example, Set 1 and 2 have a study guide, discussion guide, journal, and coloring book. Set 3 has a journal and a coloring book.

Whether you memorize together for one year, two, or all five, we pray your congregation will be strengthened and enriched through the living Word of God.

“Having our church use Fighter Verses this year has been a great help to our whole family. It's provided good accountability to us to work on the verses at home during the week and for our daughters it's been so neat to have their Sunday school teachers talking about and encouraging the Scripture memory each week in class, providing great consistency on what they're hearing at home and at church. One of our daughter's Sunday school teachers even did a Fighter Verse challenge over the summer to help encourage the kids to keep memorizing the verses and threw a Scripture memory party at the end of the summer. What a great way to make this valuable discipline we're pursuing at home and at church a fun activity and memory for the kids!”

–Carly Wright, Scripture Type

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