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A Church Leader's Guide to Child Dedication and Youth Baptism is a companion to the booklets Dedicated to the Lord and Established in the Faith, which outline the biblical principles and vision behind the dedication of children and, when the time is right, preparation for baptism. These three booklets can be purchased as a bundle.

May God find us to be faithful servants and stewards of the precious gifts that He has entrusted to us

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Raising children in the fear and joy of the Lord is an unspeakable privilege and a responsibility shared by parents and church leaders. Both child dedication and youth baptism provide opportunities in the life of a church to not only make the most of these milestones, but to do so in a way that promotes cooperation and maximizes the impact for all involved. These resources are intended to provide support for the partnership between the church and home, specifically in the areas of dedicating children to the Lord and preparing youth for baptism. 

Though there are other milestones, there is a uniqueness and connection between child dedication and baptism. The dedication of children anticipates their baptism. Parents dedicate their children in the hope that they will “belong wholly to Jesus Christ forever,” as explained in Dedicated to the Lord. One of the promises that parents make is to regularly pray that, by God’s grace, their child “will come to trust Jesus Christ alone for the forgiveness of his/her sins and for the fulfillment of all His promises to him/her, even eternal life and, in this faith, follow Jesus as Lord and obey His teachings.” This promise links to the questions the child will be asked when, Lord willing, he is baptized several years later: “Are you now trusting in Jesus Christ alone for the forgiveness of your sins and the fulfillment of all His promises to you, even eternal life?” and “Do you intend, with God’s help, to obey Jesus’ teachings and to follow Him as your Lord?” (included in Established in the Faith).

A Church Leader’s Guide to Child Dedication and Youth Baptism has been developed to serve church leaders who are responsible for planning and overseeing child dedication services and/or the baptism of young people. The content has been drawn from the author's 23 years of experience in two different churches. In both churches, the dedication of children and preparation of young people for baptism were connected to and designed to reinforce the biblical vision for the discipleship of the next generation. Certainly, the preparation process, content of the instruction, communication, and service details will vary with the unique traditions and culture of each church. We are happy to provide a framework for pastors and ministry leaders to adapt and use to effectively serve their churches.

The Baton Accessory Kit (5-pack) that is part of this collection that is referenced in helpful resources link.

May God bless your efforts for His glory and for the comprehensive discipleship and everlasting joy of the next generations.

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