Reading to Make HIM Known This Summer

Reading to Make HIM Known This Summer

There is nothing quite as delightful as sitting down on the sofa with several grandkids packed tightly around me as we read a book together. If it’s an especially good book, it often prompts further discussion, giving me valuable insights into the thoughts, attitudes, and the likes and dislikes of each child, and it helps them to know me better, too. Furthermore, some books also serve to inspire children to pursue a particular goal.

But the best kind of books for family reading are those that communicate the best things, prompt the best kinds of discussions, and inspire them to pursue the best goals. This is exactly what we had in mind when we, along with P&R Publishing, created the Making HIM Known series for families. Each of the nine books is characterized by the following:

  • 26 chapters—Each chapter can be read in about 10-15 minutes and includes a full-color illustration.
  • Instructs children from the actual text of Scripture in order to learn big truths about God.
  • Written in a manner that actively engages children to discover the meaning of the text.
  • Interspersed with questions to prompt further discussion—especially spiritual discussions.
  • Inspires both children and adults alike to respond to God in faith, love, obedience, and praise.
  • Permeated with the essential truths of the gospel clearly explained.
  • Includes further activities that can be acted upon in everyday life to reinforce the truths learned.

All said these books provide wonderful summer reading/devotional content for children as they learn about the best things—God and His glorious deeds! But the books will glean the best benefits when you read them together with the children in your life.

What next?

Church Leaders 

  • If you are using Truth78 curricula in your classrooms, these books complement specific curriculum and would serve as a great follow-up for the home. Find out more here.
  • Consider adding the series to your church library or bookstore. 
  • Send out an email encouraging your parents/grandparents to check out the series.


  • Think of using one of the books as summer devotional material for your family.
  • Take advantage of long car rides by reading and discussing a chapter along the way.
  • Choose a book to take on vacation with you—the chapters are short and easy to read.


  • Make use of extra time with grandkids this summer by reading one of the books together.
  • Long-distance grandparent? Read through the book over video calls. (We have heard great reports from grandparents who have done that.)

Find out more about the Making HIM Known books and their relationship to Truth78 curriculum.

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