Get Off to a Good Start with Free Core Training Series

Get Off to a Good Start with Free Core Training Series

The startup of fall Sunday school and midweek classes is just around the corner. Children’s ministry leaders and thousands of volunteers are gearing up. Hopefully, every church is inspiring, equipping, and training these volunteers for the critical kingdom work of proclaiming the majestic and glorious deeds of the Lord to the next generations so that they might hope in God through Christ.

If you’re using Truth78 curricula, you will want to start by taking advantage of our free Core Training Series, designed to help inspire, equip, and train volunteers for a variety of specific and age-assigned roles.

What is the Core Training Series? It is a series of short documents that provide an overview of specific topics and classroom roles, as well as an outline of some practical tips for classroom implementation. In other words, our Core Training Series provides a “core” of essential knowledge and tools for using our curriculum. Many of these documents also point you to Truth78 resources that offer further training.

How should the Core Training Series be used? We suggest printing all applicable documents and passing them along to your ministry teams. The best time to do this is during a formal training time before the school year begins. The documents are organized into categories based on whether they are applicable to everyone, or mainly to those with a specific classroom role. We’ll be highlighting and expanding these on our new website soon, and adding further equipping and training options.

Which Core Training documents are available?  

For all children’s ministry leaders and volunteers:

For children’s ministry leaders:

For all children’s ministry leaders and volunteers:

Age-specific focus:

Specific classroom roles:

Special topics:


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