Guiding Values of Truth78

Guiding Values of Truth78

Truth78 develops resources and training that are undergirded and defined by the following values: God-centered, Bible-saturated, Gospel-focused, Christ-exalting, Spirit-dependent, doctrinally grounded, and discipleship-oriented.


We heartily affirm that everything exists and has its being through the one, eternal, sovereign, triune God, who alone is worthy of all honor, thanksgiving, devotion, love, obedience, and praise. Therefore, we must impress upon the next generations the necessity of a Godward orientation in all of life. “For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen” (Romans 11:36). To that end, our resources and materials aim to communicate, first and foremost, the incomparable majestic holiness of God. It is from this Godward perspective that we can then properly understand and embrace man’s duty and delight in glorifying God in all we think, say, and do.


We are committed to boldly upholding and communicating the authority, sufficiency, clarity, and necessity of Scripture. We want the next generations to have the Scriptures permeate their hearts, minds, and souls. Therefore, every resource we develop is rooted in Scripture, encourages interaction with Scripture, and draws conclusions from Scripture. By doing so, our hope and prayer is that the coming generations will be equipped to rightly interpret the Bible, memorize and recall it, personally apply it, proclaim it, and confidently defend it. Furthermore, we aim to treat the Scriptures in a manner and tone that appropriately conveys the weight, gravity, and joy of God’s holy Word.


We believe that the central message of the Bible conveys God’s work of salvation for His chosen people accomplished through the Person and work of Jesus, and the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit, all for the glory of God. The gospel is simple, yet amazingly profound, freely offered, yet extremely costly, and should be communicated as such. We believe the gospel must be firmly grounded within the whole counsel of God, consistently and carefully explaining essential doctrines that are necessary for a proper and thorough understanding of the gospel. Therefore, the scope, sequence, and content of our resources reflect this incremental and comprehensive approach. Finally, we are committed to declaring to the next generations the gospel’s serious and urgent command to repent and believe in Jesus. Consequently, our resources are designed to encourage thoughtful, meaningful, sincere, biblical reflection in responding to gospel truth, rather than simply affirming gospel facts.


We must emphasize the preeminence of Christ, who is God the Father’s holy and righteous Son and is “the way, and the truth, and the life” (John 14:6). Jesus Christ is the anointed Savior, who alone reconciles sinners to God so that we might glorify God forever. We aim to provide the next generations with a rich and profound understanding of the Person and work of Christ, emphasizing His full deity and His full humanity; His role as prophet, priest, and returning King; and the necessity of His perfect obedience, atoning death, and resurrection. Therefore, our resources lay a sure foundation, building precept upon precept, regarding the character of God, the nature of man, the essence of sin, and God’s righteous condemnation. It is through these foundational realities that the Person and work of Jesus is fully magnified, bestowing on Him a name that is highly exalted above all others. We want our resources to inspire genuine praise and worship of Jesus for all that He is, all He has done, and all He has promised to do.


We humbly acknowledge that true regeneration and saving faith is by God’s sovereign grace, through the work of the Holy Spirit who makes us alive to Christ. We acknowledge every believer’s daily dependence on the Spirit as He gives understanding in spiritual matters, guiding and empowering us to become more like Jesus. Our resources and training are designed to encourage parents, teachers, children, and youth to rely on the Holy Spirit. For this reason, we emphasize prayer as an essential component for home and classroom instruction.

Doctrinally Grounded

We believe that there are biblical doctrines essential for being firmly established and mature in the Christian faith. These doctrines reinforce right thinking about God, ourselves, and the world, guiding us in godliness and guarding us from deceit. Therefore, our resources are grounded in solid doctrinal truths that are clearly taught, explained, and repeatedly communicated with increasing depth as our children and youth grow and mature. We also believe that difficult doctrines, such as God’s absolute sovereignty, His wrath, human suffering, and the existence of evil must be addressed and explained so that the next generations will remain steadfast in their faith through the storms of life. Our resources are carefully reviewed for their theological integrity to ensure they adhere to sound doctrine.


We want the next generations to be serious, passionate, joyful disciples of Christ, who are fully equipped and prepared to deny themselves, take up their cross, and daily follow Jesus. Furthermore, we want them to eagerly embrace the work of the Great Commission and live as Christ’s witnesses, shining the light of the gospel so that the lost might be saved. Therefore, our resources emphasize a discipleship orientation that fosters lifelong instruction in and practice of the Christian life. We aim to accomplish this through the following:

  • Developing a carefully designed scope and sequence of teaching content that progressively moves children and youth toward greater spiritual growth.
  • Using a relational, interactive teaching style in which the evidences of Christian discipleship are clearly communicated, visibly demonstrated, and faithfully encouraged.
  • Intentionally providing resources and training for the home that promote and equip parents for their responsibility in discipling their children.