20 Benefits of Using Truth78 Curricula

20 Benefits of Using Truth78 Curricula

With all the disruptions of the past few months, many churches are just getting started considering options for the coming Sunday school year. One of the biggest decisions is which curricula to use for children and youth. As your church carefully and prayerfully evaluates the various options, consider 20 benefits our curricula offer.

 Truth78 curricula…

  1. Flows out of a long-term, biblical vision for the faith of the next generations – each curricula is designed with the following goal in mind: that children and youth would know, honor, and treasure God, setting their hope in Christ alone, so that they will live as faithful disciples for the glory of God.
  2. Has a scope and sequence designed to present the breadth and depth of the whole counsel of God.
  3. Proclaims a BIG and glorious vision of the triune God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  4. Emphasizes both the glorious riches and serious cost of the gospel.
  5. Equips and trains children and youth to rightly read, study, and apply God’s Word.
  6. Treats God’s Word with the honor and reverence it rightly deserves.
  7. Nourishes teachers as they prepare the lessons.
  8. Encourages active minds in the learning process.
  9. Communicates “hard” truths with biblical faithfulness and a gracious tone.
  10. Aims for heart transformation as students are implored to trust, love, and follow Jesus.
  11. Promotes serious joy in the classroom.
  12. Maximizes time spent in spiritual instruction over and above all other activities.
  13. Weaves evangelism and missions throughout the lessons.
  14. Emphasizes the importance of prayer in preparing, teaching, and responding to biblical truth.
  15. Carefully words lessons to address both believers and unbelievers in the classroom.
  16. Provides age-appropriate visuals and illustrations to help children grasp biblical truth.
  17. Assists parents in discipling their children.
  18. Incorporates workbooks and journals to provide meaningful engagement with the Scriptures.
  19. Comes with readily available and highly experienced customer service.
  20. Helps churches faithfully steward financial resources.

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