Lord, Teach Us to Pray: Family Kit Resource

Scrapbook for Lord, Teach Us to Pray

Families can follow along with the teacher during the lesson time and create their own scrapbook to remember and review main ideas. Download the PDF, print the scrapbook on 8.5- by 11-inch cardstock, and trim the margins from all sides on pages 2-15. Cut out the pieces on pages 16-24 for each lesson ahead of time and have glue/tape ready for your child to attach the appropriate pieces. (See instructions on the first scrapbook page containing the pieces.) Lesson 1 does not require any activity or assembly as it is simply the cover. After all the lessons are taught you can put these pages in an actual scrapbook or make your own by punching holes on the left-hand side and tying the pages together with ribbon or shoelaces.

Scrapbook (PDF)

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