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Helping Children to Understand the Gospel

Booklet to equip parents, teachers, and pastors to present the Gospel to children.

This resource covers: preparing the hearts of children to hear the Gospel, discerning stages of spiritual growth, communicating the essential truths of the Gospel, and presenting the Gospel in an accurate and child-friendly manner. Also provided in this booklet is the 10-week family devotional, Ten Essential Gospel Truths, to help parents as they explain the Gospel to their children.

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Faithful to All His Promises: A Study for Children on the Promises of God

A 40 lesson curriculum written for use with 7-9 year olds and can be used in Sunday school classes at your church.

Faithful to All His Promises is a Sunday School curriculum for children on the promises of God. Children will not simply learn about some of God's promises, but rather, they will discover what it means to trust in those promises which are God's gift to us, not something we deserve. Faithful to All His Promises begins by teaching children what a promise is, what makes God trustworthy with these promises, and who these promises are for. Then children get to explore some specific promises from God to see how He has been and will be faithful to each of those promises.

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