Home-Based Discipleship

As part of a robust church-home partnership, churches can point families to the following resources for discipling their children at home. 

Free Resources

  • Ground Children in the Essential Truths of the Gospel

    Glorious God Glorious Gospel is a 15-lesson devotional designed to help children of all ages know who God is and what He is like. Companion notebook and coloring book also available.

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  • Introduce Children to a Glorious God

    More Than a Story takes children (ages 6-12) on a chronological journey through the Bible. Available in both Old Testament and New Testament volumes. Download sample chapters and coloring pages.

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  • Equip Children to Know and Treasure God's Word

    The Growing in the Word series equips parents to teach children and youth about the Bible, its message, and use, as well as how to read it, study it, and use it to guide their prayers.

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  • Help Children Embrace the Life-Transforming Gospel

    Through key Scriptures and a child-friendly, compelling narrative, this colorful hardback book introduces children to the greatest realities in all the universe, and in their own lives. Sample

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  • Share the Gospel with Children

    Learn about discerning stages of spiritual growth, communicating the essential truths of the gospel, and presenting the gospel effectively. Includes a 10-week family devotional. Sample

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  • Show Children Their Need for a Savior and God's Redemption Plan

    God's Gospel lays out God's salvation plan, starting with His first designs for creation and moving through what went wrong, how important and hopeless our situation is, and what the news of our Savior's sacrifice means for us. (Ages 5-10)

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  • Lay a Firm Foundation

    Even the youngest children can memorize Scripture. Foundation Verses helps with 76 passages to lay a foundation of basic biblical truths. For 2-5 year olds.

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  • Engage Busy Hands

    Coloring verse-related pictures helps children hide God’s Word in their hearts and participate in Scripture memory with the whole family. Original illustrations include Bible stories, daily life, and nature scenes.

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  • Point Children to God When They're Afraid

    When I Am Afraid encourages young children to look to God for courage and strength by weaving together stories about everyday fears, promises God has made, and truths about our all-powerful and all-knowing God. Sample

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