Help for A Father's Blessing App

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How to Use the App

Register and Log In
You will be required to register and log into the app (one time log-in). Your modifications to the app will be stored in a secured database. This allows you to restore your own data on a new device. This also allows multiple users to use the app on a single device; simply log out and log in with another ID.

Your data will never be shared with any other organization. At any time, you can delete your user ID. This will delete your ID and the data associated with your ID. Once deleted, your ID and data cannot be recovered. You will, however, be able to register that ID again in the future.


  • Guide – The 7 chapters of A Father’s Guide to Blessing His Children, written by David Michael, Founder of Truth78. Please read the guide to understand the background, function, and purpose of biblical blessings.
  • Truth78 Blessings – 29 blessings that are preloaded into the app
  • My Blessings – A collection of your blessings
  • Tags – A way to categorize blessings
  • Title or Bible Reference – Blessings are grouped and listed by the title or the Bible reference.

Truth78 Blessings

  • There are 29 blessings included with the app.
  • You can add tags to a Truth78 Blessing.
  • If you edit the text of a Truth78 Blessing, you may save it as a My Blessing.

My Blessings

  • My Blessings will be listed once you modify or add a tag to a Truth78 Blessing, or add a My Blessing.
  • Like Truth78 Blessings, you can add tags and modify the text.
  • To make multiple versions of any blessing, choose the icon to Save as New Blessing.
    • “Expand to View” listed under a title or reference indicates that there are multiple versions of that blessing.

Search Blessings

  • Search by tags (by adding one or more tags).
  • Search by text. The dynamic search will search text within the blessing, title, or reference.

Add Blessing to My Blessings

Option 1 (Type in text)

  • Enter a title
  • Enter the text
  • Add a tag(s) - optional
  • Save to My Blessings

Option 2 (Search for text)

  • Enter a Bible reference.
  • Tap on the search icon (magnifying glass) which will redirect you to
  • If the reference you typed in is valid, the verse(s) will be displayed in New International Version.
  • If you would like a different translation, select from the dropdown. (Note: The next time you are redirected to BibleGateway, your previous Bible translation will be selected.)
  • Highlight the portion of the verses that you want to copy, then use your device's copy function.
  • Scroll to the top of the app and press DONE to return to A Father’s Blessing App.
  • To paste the copied verse(s), tap in the Blessing box or tap the Paste icon.
  • You may edit the text and/or add tags.
  • Save to My Blessings

Send Blessing
From within any blessing, tap the Send icon to send the blessing via text or email.

Record Blessing
From within any blessing, tap the Record icon twice to record yourself reciting the blessing. Tap Stop when you are finished. Tap the file folder icon to save your recording, entering a title and then clicking OK. After you save the blessing, you will have an option to send the recorded audio via text or email.

From the Blessings page, tap the History icon to see the blessing history you have saved. The list can be sorted by Verse, Date, or Recited For. From within any blessing, tap Logs to see the history for that blessing. To delete History, tap on History from the Blessings page. Then tap the log you would like to delete. From the 3 dots in the upper right section, you may Delete Log.

Future App Updates
All future updates to the app will be free.