Training Parents How to Discipline with the End in View

Training Parents How to Discipline with the End in View

MINISTRY ROLE: Children/Youth Ministry Leaders, Pastors, Parents    |   TARGET AGE: Preschool to Youth    |   BY: Russell Moore

When we think of Christian eschatology, we tend to think first of prophecy charts or apocalyptic novels, but nothing is more eschatological than parenting. This seminar discusses ways discipline communicates a decidedly counter-Christian vision of the end of all things. We are reminded of the importance of calling parents away from mere behavior modification and toward a discipline that images the Fatherhood of God. In discussing ways to crucify our own anger, wrath, and passivity, the seminar shows how to communicate discipline as Gospel announcement by portraying God as both just and Justifier. We learn ways to cultivate a healthy love of hierarchy, authority, order, and the rhythm of cause and effect, while also calling forth a love of grace, mercy, and belonging.

Note: This seminar was produced under our previous name, Children Desiring God.

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