Praying for the Next Generation and Your Volunteers

Praying for the Next Generation and Your Volunteers

MINISTRY ROLE: Children/Youth Ministry Leaders, Pastors, Teachers   |   TARGET AGE: Infant to Youth Classrooms   |   BY: Kristin Gilbert

Have you prayed for your children today? Do you only pray for them when you are with them? How often do you pray for or with your students on Sunday morning?

“It is easy for us to set our days on cruise control and completely push the Lord out. Prayer is our only vehicle that will give us wisdom, strength and the correct words to reach the next generation.” —Kristin Gilbert

This seminar discusses some of the obstacles we face that prevent us from having a fervent prayer life such as wandering minds, fear, laziness and busyness. It will equip you with practical steps to fight these obstacles and encourage you to pray through specific areas of your children’s ministry.

“When I step into my office, the first thing I do, before I open up my computer and see the list of emails, is to pray for 15 minutes. Schedule time into your day to pray.” —Kristin Gilbert

Not only is it important for you as a children’s ministry leader or parent to spend time praying for the next generation, you also have the opportunity to be a role model to your children as you teach them to pray. Kristin shares a simple way small group leaders or parents can walk children through prayer based on the ACTS prayer model—adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication.

I love you, Lord. Why do we love the Lord?

I am sorry. What have I done that I need to ask forgiveness for?

Thank you. Thank the Lord for who He is, His forgiveness and answered prayers.

Please. We have a God who wants us to come to him and ask him for things.



Note: This seminar was produced under our previous name, Children Desiring God.

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