By Design: Youth Ministry in the Local Church

By Design: Youth Ministry in the Local Church

MINISTRY ROLE: Youth Ministry Leaders, Teachers   |   TARGET AGE: Youth Classrooms   |   BY: Jon Nowlin

Is there a biblical foundation for doing youth ministry in the local church? How has God designed the church and the home to function in the discipleship of the next generation? What seems to be lacking for many in the present church/home youth ministry discussion is a biblically robust theology of the church. This seminar is a call for the church to act in accordance with biblical teaching, holding their ministry up to the mirror of God's word in order to move their people closer to God's design for discipleship. The purpose of this seminar is to help parents, youth leaders, and pastors explore key Scriptures on this issue, and wrestle with their implications. It also provides practical ideas for church-home partnership in ministry to young people.


Note: This seminar was produced under our previous name, Children Desiring God.

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