Why Choose Truth78 Curriculum?

One of the surprising (but delightful) statistics from a National Conference was the number of attendees who were new to the ministry of Truth78. For them, the conference served as their first real exposure to our vision, mission, and philosophy. At the conference, they got a high-dose, jam-packed introduction to our ministry. And yet only a relatively small portion of the conference was focused on our curricula, and this was intentional. Why? Because the curricula is NOT the vision of Truth78. Rather, it serves as one tool for accomplishing the vision. We believe that it is a valuable and helpful tool, and of course we would be delighted if you would use our curricula in your churches and/or homes. We also know that there are other wonderful curricula out there to choose from. So why choose Truth78? Here are some distinctions we offer: Our curriculum is committed to…
  • A Big Vision of God
  • The Centrality of God in All Things
  • Doctrinal Depth, Accuracy, and Clarity
  • Faithfulness to the Gospel
  • A Serious and Sober View of Sin
  • Interactive Engagement with Scripture
  • Age-Appropriate Visuals and Illustrations That Enhance the Learning Experience
  • Personal Application That Encourages a Proper Response in the Mind, Heart, and Will
  • Excitement for God’s Global Purposes
  • Maximizing Classroom Time with Biblical Teaching and Spiritual Discussion
  • Assistance for Parents in Discipling Their Children
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