What’s Shaping Your Motherhood?

What’s Shaping Your Motherhood?

I love this short example from Sally Michael about the very ordinary task of doing laundry to illustrate different perspectives of how we view motherhood.

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Mothering is a great work; a God-given opportunity to influence the next generations to put their trust in God. This booklet [Mothers, Disciplers of the Next Generations] will challenge you to look on your mothering with a biblical perspective, to seize the opportunities God gives you each day to encourage faith in you children, and to rely on Him as your Sin-bearer and Enabler to do the great work He has called you to do. (Sally Michael)

If you enjoyed this video clip, you can watch her entire message here.

Or consider her booklet, Mothers: Disciplers of the Next Generations, (it would make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift). Here are a few quotes from the booklet:

  • As mothers, it is tempting to be consumed with the busyness of life—getting meals, changing diapers, taking children to school, doing laundry, attending to the myriad of necessary tasks to manage a household and family—at the neglect of our spiritual development. Not only is this personal spiritual suicide, but it is detrimental to our children. If we would nurture the faith of our children, we must first nurture our own growing relationship with the Living God.
  • Our primary calling as Christian mothers is to be Christ’s ambassadors to our children, speaking His truth, and reflecting His heart to them. Christ has given us a divine calling as ministers of reconciliation. All our other responsibilities pale in comparison to this one great charge.
  • Only as we are united to Christ, can we truly fulfill our calling as mothers. So our vision for mothering is to be first lovers of Jesus. Of all the mothering responsibilities we have, our first and foremost is to grow as Christians.
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