What is a Teacher?

Why invest in the sometimes tiresome recruitment and training of classroom teachers in children’s and youth ministry? Why use “old-fashioned” teaching methods when high quality lesson videos are available for classroom use? Won’t children and youth learn more through the use of new technology? Here is a really thought-provoking video titled "This Will Revolutionize Education," which I found on Tim Challies' blog: http://youtu.be/GEmuEWjHr5c Although I would not agree on every point the presenter makes, he does challenge us to think about what is at the core of the learning experience and the necessity for personal interaction between students and teachers. As you watch it, think about the following questions in relation to your church’s children and youth classrooms:
  • Are we using curriculum, lessons, and teaching style that encourages students to develop thinking and reasoning skills? Are they being challenged to exert “mental effort” during the lesson?
  • Do we have a means by which to evaluate and discern what is going on inside each student’s head and heart (i.e., a time for lesson application in small groups)?
  • Are we effectively using words and pictures in our teaching?
  • Is the use of technology (e.g., video) hindering or minimizing personal teacher-student interaction, or serving to enhance it?
  • Do we see evidence of teachers challenging, inspiring, and exciting students to want to learn?
  • Are we investing the appropriate amount of time and resources needed to properly train and equip godly teachers?
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