Utter Dependence Motivating Bold Prayer

Utter Dependence Motivating Bold Prayer

What needs are you facing as 2021 comes to a close and you look ahead to the new year? Have your needs shown you how dependent you are on God? In the latest podcast, David Michael and Dan Claassen talk about our utter dependence on God and how that should motivate us to pray big, bold, biblical prayers.

David recalls a point in 2017 when a looming financial need showed him his dependence on God, but also helped him to see that he should pray a bigger prayer than for the money needed:

So what I discovered... was that the prayer at the end of the year should not be, "God, provide $60,000 so that we can do what we want to do." That's a small prayer; the bigger prayer was, "God, would You grant that the next generation would put their hope in You and that You would accomplish that. And if You would be pleased Lord, let Truth78 have a part. You've given us this passion. You've given us this zeal. Would you let us have a part in that? And yet there was a surrender as well. Lord, if you can accomplish the big prayer better by closing the doors on Truth78, then do it. We yield Lord to Your wisdom here."

David ends the podcast with a bold and biblical prayer for the next generations. He begins,

As I'm praying this prayer, my assumption is that all of you have somebody in your life, a child, or several children, that you care about and you care about their faith and I'm praying for them and for you and your influence in their lives. And, and I'm assuming we all care about the discipleship of the next generation... So Lord, we thank You for putting into our hearts, the desire to raise the next generation in the discipline and the instruction of the Lord, and to seek Your help in building the Word of God and the character of Christ and the joy of the Lord into their lives. And I ask You that according to your grace, You would help us to do that and to establish this desire of our hearts with power in order that the name of the Lord Jesus may be glorified in us and in our children to all generations.


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Dan and David also share that the Zealous podcast and the broader work of Truth78 is made possible by the generosity of financial partners. "We believe as people share the passion and concern we have for the comprehensive discipleship of the next generation," David says, "that God will stir their hearts toward generosity to invest with us financially." He adds, "If your hearts are indeed stirred and you would like to financially support the ministry of inspiring and equipping the church and the home for the comprehensive discipleship of the next generation you can do so at truth78.org/give."

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