Gearing Up for Fall, Step 3—Choosing Truth78 Resources for Church and Home (Questions and Answers)

Gearing Up for Fall, Step 3—Choosing Truth78 Resources for Church and Home (Questions and Answers)

Uncertain variables—maybe that’s a key phrase to keep in mind heading into this coming school year. However, one thing should not be uncertain or subject to change—choosing resources for children and youth that maximize biblical instruction and spiritual formation. Yes, the manner in which these are delivered may need to be adjusted this year, but the resources themselves should be characterized by the following values:

God-centered, Bible-saturated, gospel-focused, Christ-exalting, Spirit-dependent, doctrinally grounded, and discipleship-oriented.

These values undergird all of our resources. But the next question is, which particular Truth78 resources will be the best fit for your church and home? Although, we can’t factor in all of your specific variables for the coming year, here is a list of helps and accompanying links to guide you through some common questions.

I’ve never used Truth78 curricula. Where do I start?

Additionally, our Customer Care team is eager to help you! They have a deep knowledge of our resources and have years of experience in children’s ministry. Call them at 877.400.1414, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Central.

What is the amount of time necessary to teach your Sunday School/Midweek Bible curricula?

Generally speaking, a minimum of 45 minutes is required to teach the curricula. Each lesson has two main “pillars”—the Large Group Lesson (20-30 minutes depending on the age group) and the Small Group Application (10-20 minutes). This time prioritizes biblical instruction and spiritual formation. If additional time is available in the classroom, we have included additional ideas for worship, prayer, Bible memory, meaningful activities, etc.

We have to combine a wide age of children in our Sunday school classes. Which curricula are most easily adaptable? 

While there is no easy solution for this all-too-common situation, our resources can be adapted to meet your specific needs. That said, here are three curricula that many churches have found to be most easy to adapt:

Also, here is a helpful document with additional tips: "Adapting Truth78 Curriculum to Your Specific Needs."

Why do you encourage each student to have a corresponding workbook, notebook, or journal with your curricula?

Workbooks, notebooks, and journals are a key component of the curriculum because:

  • They enhance the application process. Students are encouraged to move from head knowledge to heart application—responding to the truths they’re being taught in each lesson. 
  • Workbooks for younger children provide opportunities for “hands-on” activities—coloring, pasting, adding stickers, etc. This helps students focus as the adult leader reviews key lesson themes and leads the discussion time.
  • Notebooks and journals for older children provide the students with a variety of opportunities for notetaking during the lesson, small group and individual activities, personal application, and further study.
  • They ensure that every student receives a summation of the entire curriculum even if they have missed weeks of class.

Whether your church will be having in-person classes or distance learning options, workbooks, notebooks, and journals are a wonderful means to make sure students are receiving the main ideas presented in the curriculum. Workbooks, notebooks, and journals are available in spiral-bound print and/or electronic formats. 

Our church will not be starting in-person Sunday school classes this fall. Do you have any suggestions regarding teaching your curriculum?

Some churches have already begun video recording Sunday school lessons to make available to families. This, in addition to sending home workbook, notebooks, journals, and accompanying take-home pages, would provide students with a good option in the absence of in-person classes. If you need to simplify this even further, you may want to choose one of our Intergenerational studies to use across the age spectrum. Please call our Customer Care team for more specific instructions and help: 877.400.1414, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Central.

How do your curricula resources assist and encourage parents in discipling their children?

All of our curricula include take-home pages (called Growing in Faith Together Pages or GIFT Pages for the Sunday School curricula).

These take-home pages provide parents with a tool that will assist them in taking the biblical truths learned and guiding their children to personal application. Parents have the greatest opportunity for “teachable moments”—situations that arise in everyday life that can be opportunities to apply the truth of God. Real heart application of biblical truth, which changes lives, usually takes place in the context of relationship and everyday life.

These pages provide parents with the following:

  • Lesson title, main ideas, selected memory verse (or key verse), and a list of Scripture presented in the lesson.
  • A brief summary of the lesson.
  • Questions to further spiritual discussion and heart application.
  • Suggestions for acting on biblical truth.

How is your Midweek Bible Curricula different from your Sunday School curricula? 

Our Midweek Bible curricula are 26-28 lessons, as opposed to our 40-week Sunday School curricula. This allows more flexibility in the midweek program (which generally has more weeks off than Sunday mornings). The Midweek Bible curricula also provide more opportunities and ideas for structuring the class time to include interactive games, earning various badges (for the younger ages), and more practical application.

Our church is using Awana for our midweek program. Can Truth78 curricula be incorporated into the program? 

Definitely! Churches can use the Bible lessons of our Midweek Bible curricula along with the other components of their Awana program.

Do you have any curricula that could be used for the whole church, across all age ranges?

Yes, we have two curricula options that have been written specifically for intergenerational classes—The Righteous Shall Live By Faith, and Lord, Teach Us to Pray. 

What devotional resources do you have for families? 

Can Truth78 curricula be readily used in Christian schools and homeschool settings?

Our curricula is easily adaptable to either setting. Each curricula has a section in the Appendix with suggestions for using it in either setting. Read this for additional help.

Don’t see your particular question listed? We would love to help you with any questions, big or small. Please email us at or give us a call at 877.400.1414, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Central.

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