Updated Resource Delivery Strategy

Updated Resource Delivery Strategy

Our mission is to inspire you, our partners, with a biblical vision of ministry and equip you with resources for the comprehensive discipleship of the next generation. In order to equip you, we need to deliver those resources to you.    

Most Truth78 resources are available in both print and electronic formats. Recently, we introduced a new delivery system for our electronic resources with new and improved features. 

  • We replaced the specialized software, Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) that was required to access our Teacher’s Guides and Student books, with standard PDF files. ADE was not user friendly, causing a number of problems for our partners and troubleshooting difficulties for us.
  • We eliminated the yearly Teacher’s Guide renewal fee that was part of ADE.
  • We now allow Teacher’s Guides to be annotated. Your notes and insights can easily be added to a lesson, and you can print those notes as well.

We are excited about these improvements and have already heard from a number of our partners that theses changes have been received positively.

Many booklets also come in both print and electronic formats. Our electronic strategy is to provide a Kindle version of these resources. You can find available titles here as we work toward adding all of our books and booklets. In the future, we may consider an e-pub format as well.

Electronic vs Print

We are pleased to offer both electronic and print formats because each format has benefits over the other. Providing both allows you to choose what serves you best. Here are a few of the benefits of each:


  • Professionally printed
  • High quality components
    • Teacher’s Guides printed on reinforced paper for years of use
    • Visual packets printed on heavy duty cardstock
    • Student books printed on sturdy paper
    • Use of 11x17 size for certain resource
  • Bound Resources (Teacher’s Guides, student workbooks, GIFT booklets, etc.)
  • Comes ready to use


  • Eliminates shipping cost (in some cases Customs Fees)
  • Files can be accessed immediately
  • Easy to assign to others in compliance with the License Agreement
  • Print when and what you want to print

Learn more about our electronic resources here. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Care Team at 877.400.1414 or info@truth78.org.

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