Top Five Posts of 2019

Top Five Posts of 2019

As we come to the end of 2019, we are grateful for our long-term readers of this blog as well as those of you who started reading in the past year. 

We thought you might appreciate a review of the 5 most read posts from this past year. We hope these are an encouragement for you as you prepare for the year ahead.

Discipling boys and girls in an age of confusion

Christian parents and teachers, do you know what the Bible teaches about biblical manhood and womanhood? Are you intentionally discipling them to embrace, live-out, and delight in God’s good design? Are you prepared to address the sinful follies of this age and answer the hard questions? Read more 

Training children to study the Bible

We talk a lot about the need for “biblical literacy” for the next generation. But biblical literacy is more than just acquainting children with as much of the biblical text as possible. Yes, reading through the entire Bibleby the time they reach adulthood is a worthy goal for our children. But we must also train them in how to study the Bible. What’s the difference, and why is it important? Read more

Recommended parenting books

As parents, we have the enormous God-given privilege and responsibility to prepare our children for the day of judgment. Furthermore, we are parenting in the midst of a hostile world, and we daily struggle with our own indwelling sin and that of our children. Parenting is plain hard work! Therefore, we should make use of as many good, biblical, and helpful resources as possible. Read more for a list of some parenting books that Truth78 has reviewed and recommends.

Heart-focused classroom management

Attentive, well-behaved children sound like a teacher’s dream. However, our goal is not simply well-behaved children, but children who joyfully submit to God. Read this 2-part post for context and practical direction for classroom management that is focused on the heart

Part 1 | Part 2

Preparing your child’s heart for Sunday School

"As a teacher," writes Jill Nelson, "I really appreciate when students come to Sunday school readily prepared for the morning. It greatly improves the classroom experience for both volunteers and students." Parents, learn how a few simple things can make a huge difference. Read more

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