The privilege to teach God's Word to children

The privilege to teach God's Word to children

I have had the privilege and responsibility to work with parents, teachers, and children’s leaders in two different churches. One of my greatest joys as a pastor is to witness brothers and sisters who are gripped by this vision and zealous for it, and to watch as God uses varied gifts, life circumstances, and unique personalities to accomplish discipleship goals. I want you to have a taste of this joy as you hear from a family who has been part of the ministry of College Park, the second church that Sally and I have had the privilege of serving for nearly seven years.

It’s a privilege to teach God’s Word, and the Truth78 curriculum helps us to do that. What motivates me is that I feel like I have tasted and seen that the Lord is good. I have found Him to be faithful. There is only one God and He created all things and He created each child for a very special purpose. So, I want them to know Him. If we can come alongside parents to augment and affirm what’s being done, it’s a great joy. It’s very sobering that we do it right, that we speak what God actually says, and that we tell things that are absolutely true about God. This curriculum and Truth78 as an organization does a really beautiful job of helping children so that they have this personal relationship with the Lord. Bruce and Paige Osborne

Join us in side-by-side ministry for the faith of the next generation.

Now more than ever, laboring side by side for the next generation matters. The power of God is at work in us as we strive together as churches and parents, organizations and individuals, customers and financial givers, to accomplish much more than we ever could on our own—for His glory throughout all generations.


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