The Precious Gift of Camaraderie

The Precious Gift of Camaraderie

Imagine a children’s ministry conference permeated with deep teaching, exhortation, and encouragement from God’s Word. A conference with vision casting that provides a renewed sense of focus, urgency, and passion for the faith of the next generations and practical help for “making it happen” in your family and local church. Yes, we believe that you will experience all of these things at our conference in Louisville October 18-19. But there is also an element that I find enduringly precious and satisfying at our conferences—the camaraderie!            

Camaraderie: a spirit of friendly good-fellowship (Merriam-Webster); a friendly feeling toward people with whom you share an experience or with whom you work (Cambridge Dictionary)

I don’t know about you, but I need all the camaraderie I can get in this troubled world! That is why the camaraderie of fellow believers who are passionate about the faith of the next generations is one of my favorite things about our conferences. I love meeting together as God’s people from various places around the country (28 states and counting so far). It is a wonderful display of the beauty of Jesus’ Church. As we enjoy sweet fellowship together, there is biblical encouragement and wisdom to be gained from one another—new parents and teachers with older, more experienced parents and teachers; weary ministry leaders with energized ministry leaders…etc.  We can share our particular joys and challenges, problem solve together, and lift one another up in prayer!

So if you haven’t already registered for this event, prayerfully consider joining us in Louisville October 18 -19. Yes, there will be great teaching, vision casting, and practical seminars. But there will also be joyful, refreshing camaraderie! Click here for more details.

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