The Most Important Subject for Your Child’s Education

The Most Important Subject for Your Child’s Education

Long ago, Harvard graduate and U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt made this assertion, “A thorough knowledge of the Bible is more important than a college education.” Even more pointedly, Charles Spurgeon had this to say:

It is the duty of the church of God to maintain, in fullest vigor, every agency intended for the religious education of the young; to them we must look for the church of the future, and as we sow towards them so shall we reap. Children are to be taught to magnify the Lord; they ought to be well informed as to his wonderful doings in ages past, and should be made to know “his strength and his wonderful works he hath done.” The best education is education in the best things. (The Treasury of David, p. 433)

Although these two great men were different in many ways, they did agree on one important thing—the prominence and priority that should be given to educating the next generations in the “best things,” namely the God-breathed words of Scripture. The Bible is, by far, the most important subject matter for your child’s education this year. One way to set the highest prominence and priority on this is to establish a regular routine for your children of reading the Bible. 

How can parents be more intentional about making this happen? What steps can be taken to better inspire and equip children to read the Bible? What are some realistic goals? How can children be guided to not only read the Bible but also be challenged to embrace and apply the truths learned? 

If you are looking for a practical tool to make the Bible the most important subject your children learn this year, consider getting our newly published resource, Meeting God in His Word. This concise booklet includes the following:

  • An explanation about the nature, power, and purpose of God’s Word
  • Tips for how to read and study the Bible 
  • A Bible reading plan 
  • Help with learning to pray 
  • The importance of Bible memory, along with selected verses

All said, this 45-page resource is a great tool for educating children in the best things this school year.

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