The Importance of Biblical Convictions

The following are some good words from Dr. Paul Tripp:
I am afraid that many of us are so busy making decisions for our children in order to keep them safe that we do not teach them to develop their own set of internalized biblical convictions. It is one thing for a teenager to do what is right under a watchful eye or under the threat of punishment. It is quite another thing to see the independent, unpressured, heartfelt exercise of personal conviction. As we are preparing our teenage children to go out into this darkened, fallen world and live a godly life, it is mandatory that we make the development of internalized convictions one of our primary goals.
Dr. Tripp then outlines six characteristics of biblical conviction:
  1. A biblical conviction is always based on a study of, submission to, and application of Scripture.
  2. A biblical conviction is always predetermined.
  3. A biblical conviction will not change with the circumstances.
  4. Biblical convictions are inflexible.
  5. True biblical conviction is bold.
  6. True biblical conviction is always lived out.
(Age of Opportunity: A Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens, copyright© 2001, pages 128, 132-133)
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