Share the Gospel with The Greatest Treasure booklet

Share the Gospel with The Greatest Treasure booklet

Imagine going on a journey to discover a beautiful, dazzling, amazing treasure—a treasure like no other. It is a treasure so great, valuable, and exciting that it is beyond your wildest imagination. Upon reaching the treasure, you find that it gives you more joy and happiness than you could have ever dreamed possible! Is there really such a treasure? Yes, there is!

The Greatest Treasure, a small (24-page) full-color booklet, has been designed to lead children on a journey to discover 10 essential truths of the gospel, that culminate in the greatest treasure of all—enjoying God Himself forevermore! Each two-page spread includes a simple truth statement, supporting Scriptures, a brief explanation and call for personal application, and an accompanying illustration to summarize and reinforce the truth learned.

Rather than ending with a call to “pray and receive Jesus,” the booklet intentionally ends by encouraging children to explore the truth of God’s Word further, giving churches and Christians an opening to pursue follow-up discipleship opportunities.

Though targeted for grades 2-5, it is widely adaptable for home, Sunday School, Christian School, or VBS. Larger than a typical tract this 4.75" x 4.75" booklet is a helpful evangelistic tool for churches and families.

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For more information on presenting the gospel to children, consider the booklet Helping Children to Understand the Gospel. Or, consider the book God’s Gospel as a follow-up resource for giving children a more in-depth exploration of the gospel message.

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