The Greatest Gift— A New Gospel Resource for Christmas

The Greatest Gift— A New Gospel Resource for Christmas

Before we know it, Christmastime will be upon us. Children are especially drawn to this wonderful season of celebration with all the beautiful sights, sounds, and special activities—including the anticipation of receiving wonderful gifts. What an opportune time to remind children of the greatest Gift of all—a Gift so valuable and precious, the only Gift that alone can bring you everlasting joy! But this Gift will not be found under a tree or wrapped in fancy paper. This Gift was proclaimed by the angel when he told the shepherds, “I bring you good news of great joy” because the promised Savior had been born (Luke 2:10-11)—the Savior who would save His people from their sins so they might enjoy Him forever! That is the good news of the gospel.

The Greatest Gift is a new mini booklet, designed especially for Christmas, to lead children on a journey to discover 10 essential truths of the gospel, which culminates in the greatest Gift of all—enjoying God Himself forevermore! Each essential truth includes a simple doctrinal statement, supporting Scriptures, a brief explanation, and a call for personal application. Additionally, each truth is accompanied by a colorful, child-friendly illustration to summarize and reinforce the truth learned.

Furthermore, rather than ending with a call to “pray and receive Jesus,” the resource intentionally ends by encouraging children to explore the truth of God’s Word further, giving churches and Christians an opening to pursue follow-up discipleship opportunities.

Though targeted for ages 7-11, The Greatest Gift is widely adaptable for using at home or for giving as a Christmas gift to the children in your Sunday school classes, church, or Christian school. (Note: The Greatest Gift, designed for use at Christmastime, is adapted from our mini booklet The Greatest Treasure, which can be used year-round.)


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